Starting Over



Yesterday a friend told me to weigh-in with her.  After a crazy cross country move and eating out for two weeks I was afraid to step on the scale.  I did and let’s say, UGH!!!


This is so depressing.  Added back quite a bit a weight, but I knew it would happen.  I knew it was coming.  I told Tim I was going to start over on Monday, tomorrow.  And technically I am going to count tomorrow as Day 1, but today standing in line at McDonald’s to eat out for what is hopefully the last time for a little bit I decided no I need to start now.  I ordered a chicken sandwich – no bun.  I had no fries and I had no soda!

I am thankful that Serene and Pearl put it in their book don’t wait just start over again in 3 hours.  I am making strides towards a healthier me.  I am going to follow Trim Healthy Mama to the best of my ability because I have seen in the past how it works.

After brunch, we finally went to get groceries.  We didn’t get our fridge until the middle of the week and everything has been super hectic thus the delay.  * I seriously do not know how people eat out everyday.  One, it is super expensive! And Two, UGH! When we got home I gave Olivia the rest of my caramel m&m’s that I had (the reason I was waiting til Monday).

This is almost like ground zero for me.  Over the last couple weeks I have resorted back to soda and eating sweets.  Why?  It is comfort in times of stress is my best guess.  And there were a lot of very late night and super early mornings and the caffeine pulled me through.

Here is my photo food journal for today 8/13/17.


Brunch (FP):
Grilled Chicken from McDonald’s with lettuce and tomato

Snack (S):
2 slices turkey
1 slice ham
1 slice smoked cheddar
Walden Farms Ranch (personal choice)

Dinner (S):
Cube Steak (just salt, pepper, garlic powder and onion powder)
Zucchini and Yellow Squash Au Gratin (recipe)
*my non squash eaters loved this! It is a keeper!
Green Beans

I know I can do this. I know I can be a better me.  There is no way I will hit my goal of 199 by 29 now as that is only a week away.  I would love to see me hit my diet bet. 192.8 by November 8th.  Thats 25.2 lbs in 12 weeks.  It will be tough; but I’m going to try my hardest!


Day 84 – 87 Weigh In and Measurements!



Sunday’s breakfast started out so promising for the day.  We were going to lunch with a friend at Olive Garden- I had already decided ahead of time to do soup and salad and I split an order of lasagna fritta with my husband.  It was amazing, but a big cheat.  For dinner I let the cheating continue and had a burger w/ the bun from Burger King and half a container of small fries.



Monday – Memorial Day.   Back on track for breakfast: a blt wrap and some strawberries.  For lunch we had what was supposed to be the night before’s dinner.  Chili Lime chicken Legs and Kiwi.  For dinner we did a grill out – I cheated but I knew it was coming.  I avoided all the desserts though!!!


Monday was also weigh in day!  12 weeks


6-Mar 4-Apr 1-May 26-May
Weight 231 219 215.6 207.8
Left Arm 14 14 13.5 12.75
Right Arm 14 13.5 13 12.5
Left Thigh 25 25 24.5 23.75
Right Thigh 26.5 25.25 24.5 24.5
Bust 50.5 48.5 48 48
Under Bust 42.5 39.5 39 39
Waist 51.5 47.75 45 44.5
Hips 47 47 46.5 44.5
Neck 15.75 14.5 14.5 14.5
Total Inches Lost 9.25 inches 6.5 inches 4.5 inches

I am happy with these numbers! It’s coming off slowly but surely!



Tuesday I started out with a two egg omelet for breakfast.  It had half a piece of sausage, 1 piece of bacon, some onion, bell pepper, spinach, and cheese.

Lunch I made a grilled chicken salad with vegtable soup and a sliced nectarine.

Dinner was an Italian Chicken Foil Packet.

I have a weigh in on June 1st so I needed to correct some of the weekend damage from the 3 cheat meals.

I sipped on GGMS all day on Tuesday AND Wednesday.



I was so hungry all day Wednesday.  I walked a ton, but I was ravenous all day!  Breakfast I ended up just eating ham and honey dew because the bread was moldy—which I didn’t notice til I sat down to eat.

For lunch I had left over Italian Chicken.

As a snack a few baked tostitos scoops and some turkey.

For dinner Spaghetti squash and a turkey meat sauce.


Thursday is my weigh in for my May diet bet!  Cannot wait to see if I made it under 206.4!



Day 82 and 83!


On every journey we have up and down.  This is my journey and I have to own it!

Day 82, Friday May 26


Started my morning with eggs, ham, and the last of the strawberries.  Grayson ate half of them after having 2 eggs, toast, and whole apple…that kid never stops eating.

For lunch I had leftover sweet potato soup again – I wasn’t feeling it, but I ate it.

For a snack I made a tortilla pizza.  These are so yummy and actually satisfying my craving for a pizza. (which they have never really done before!)

For dinner Olivia’s favorite sausage and cabbage.  (she loves the sausage more than the cabbage).  This is one of those meals I really enjoy and I end up eating way to much.

I made up for it by walking a mile with a neighbor!


Day 83, Saturday May 27

I feel like superwoman!  Here is a run down of my day.

I woke up at 4:00 am to teach 4 darling Chinese students English.  A lot of teachers are having cancellations because it is the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival…not my students all of them were in class today!

Grayson was awake and waiting for me to finish classes at 7:00 am. I made us breakfast. Took the dog for a walk. Mowed and weed-eated the grass. Then I blowed of the sidewalk and picked some weeds out of the rocks.  All while chasing my precious helper! (fyi: I do not mow grass – seriously this is the 4th time in almost 29 years; but my husband had a flight change and was helping a friend of mine move so I decided to help him out)  We have a push mower; this was one hell of a workout!

I came inside made Olivia breakfast, cleaned the kitchen, checked the freezer for meats so I could scrounge up a meal plan on a very limited food budget. Made said meal plan, cleaned the pantry out (it was a mess).  Washed, dried, folded, and put away 3 baskets of laundry. Made lunch, cleaned the kitchen again. Put Grayson down for a nap.  Did reading and math schoolwork with Olivia.

Tim finally got home so I got to spend some time with him while the kiddos had quiet time.  Went to the grocery store. Put groceries away.  Did the prep work for dinner – Tim grilled it. Then taught 2 more precious Chinese students some English!



So why did I recap all that because I have been up since 4 am SUPER BUSY and I am not completely wiped out!  I am so thankful for the 37 lbs I have lost so far.  I have so much more energy than before!


Here is what I ate today: (warning there are cheats)


Breakfast an egg with ham — i was out of fruit 😦

Lunch Turkey and mustard sandwich on sprouted bread and carrot sticks

Snack (CHEAT) why do I love this CRAP — nachos bell grande from taco bell.

Dinner: Blackened Salmon Tacos with a cilantro lime crema!  Okay so these could fall into the crossover territory.  Seriously they were amazing.  I do not love fish, but we had 4 small salmon fillets in the freezer – and I was trying to keep groceries cheap this week so I needed to use them.  I found this recipe and it was a huge hit.  Even picky Olivia said mom this is so delicious and ate 2.  Grayson ate it too.  I had a third one and so did Tim! It is now in my menu repertoire. Want to try it out for yourself; here is the recipe!

*** put in the effort for the grilled corn – so worth it! ***


Ups and Downs – this is my journey and I own it — onederland here I come!


Day 81, 5-25



Breakfast – a protein shake with oatmeal. (I didn’t have a banana today)

Lunch – leftover Sweet Potato Oat Soup

Snack – 6 triscuits, light laughing cow cheese, rotisserie chicken and a couple strawberries.

Dinner – beef tips (it was hormel brand quick cook stuff)  It wasn’t very good, but after baseball I need something quick.  I used some riced cauliflower and sautéed some okra with onions and garlic.


I was so excited when I weighed in this morning 5-26 that I was at 206.6!!! only .3 lbs away from my goal weight for my May diet bet.  I need to be at 206.3 by June 1.  I can do it; just have to stay strong over the weekend!  I am already at the goal weight for round 1 of my 6 month diet bet.  Then I need to be at 202 by June 12 for my VIPKID diet bet.


I can do this; I am motivated to get healthy and stay healthy!

Days 78-80


Okay I am losing days left and right.  I thought I only had 2 days to post about, but I actually have 3…  let me start by saying on Sunday night I went to the cheesecake factory for an appreciation dinner.  I did not eat any bread!  I did not eat any cheesecake!  Oh the will power it took.  I shared some edamame with a friend and ordered the thai lettuce wraps!  I was so proud.  I then went and walked for about 45 minutes with one of my mentor moms to help burn off a few calories.


Monday, May 22, Day 78


Breakfast Sausage and egg

Lunch Crackers, light laughing cow cheese

Dinner Dreamfield pasta with a turkey spaghetti sauce.

I saw a weight gain on Monday which wasn’t surprising as I know the sodium content from the cheesecake factory was pretty high. Still 209 was frustrating.


Tuesday, May 23, Day 79


Okay so let this day be marked as a semi-fail.  I wanted to cheat so bad all day.  It was aweful.  I did great for breakfast, but for lunch Olivia wanted pad thai so we went with a friend.  Then after shopping I swung into Artic Circle to get Olivia the ice cream she earned for being good.  I ordered onion rings for myself… UGH! why did I cheat AGAIN!  Then for dinner I really wanted to order a pizza and was craving something sweet.  I was like NO you are not going to self sabotage.  So I ate my veggie soup as I had planned and had a small serving of Halo Top ice cream.


Wednesday, May 24, Day 80


Have to fight the sweet cravings. AND I realized I needed to eat more veggies.

Breakfast: Ham, eggs, Okra, and strawberries.

Lunch: Salad and a tortilla pizza (I was still craving pizza and this helped!)

Snack: Turkey, carrots, and half a cutie (the kids asked for the other half and it was the last one.)

Dinner: Chicken, Sweet Potato, Oat, and Kale soup.  This is one of my favorite THM soup recipes.

To help with the sugar cravings I drank my GGMS today.  I got back on track and I am ready to go.  I have one week to get to 206.4 or less to win my diet bet for May and round 1 of my 6 month challenge.


Start by taking 1 step towards a healthier you today.   I am determined to get healthy for me, my husband, and my kids!  If I can do this so can you!


A week of food in photos.


May 15


May 16


May 17


May 18PhotoGrid_1495340528922.png

May 19


I did not eat the rice just chicken.

May 20


Again I did not eat the rice…this was a planned crossover and I didn’t like the rice so I was like nope not worth it so I just ate the teriyaki meatballs.


On Monday I was 210.4

Today I was 207.6

I had a smoothie for breakfast today.

Lunch was a cheat I had a roast beef sandwich at Arbys and 6 fries.

For dinner I am having cheesecake factory as our MOPS Leadership appreciation dinner. I plan to have edamame and lettuce wraps. No cheesecake bc it’s not worth the weight gain or the horrid headache!


The diet bet is holding me accountable so I’m thankful for that!


May 11 and 12 – no photos


May 11

Breakfast egg, sausage and berries,

Lunch grilled chicken salad with balsamic vinegar dressing (thanks Danielle!)

Dinner UGH Olivia picked crown burger.  I ordered a jr…took off about half the pastrami and only had a couple fries… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

We went to the bees game and she got a ball signed by bumble.  She was so excited.  I took one bite of cotton candy and one small bit of funnel cake and realized I didn’t feel either was worth the sickness later.


May 12

Breakfast: Triscuits and cheese (i was going to have turkey, but it wasn’t any good.  I also had some raspberries

Lunch: a small bowl of taco soup

I had been cleaning all day and stopped when I felt full.

Dinner: SURPRISE PARTY for Olivia.  I ate two hot dogs and a handful of chips.  I also had a bite of icing from her cake.  I feel yucky today!  Don’t know if its from this or not but blah!


MY NSV- I taught 4 classes early in the morning, cleaned the whole house, and did a birthday party and I didn’t feel dead!  Also was helping pick weeds I said to my husband hey I am doing this without being miserable  that 30lbs has made a big difference.  10 more until I am under 200.  and another 50 til I hit my long term goal of 150! I can do this!