Days 78-80


Okay I am losing days left and right.  I thought I only had 2 days to post about, but I actually have 3…  let me start by saying on Sunday night I went to the cheesecake factory for an appreciation dinner.  I did not eat any bread!  I did not eat any cheesecake!  Oh the will power it took.  I shared some edamame with a friend and ordered the thai lettuce wraps!  I was so proud.  I then went and walked for about 45 minutes with one of my mentor moms to help burn off a few calories.


Monday, May 22, Day 78


Breakfast Sausage and egg

Lunch Crackers, light laughing cow cheese

Dinner Dreamfield pasta with a turkey spaghetti sauce.

I saw a weight gain on Monday which wasn’t surprising as I know the sodium content from the cheesecake factory was pretty high. Still 209 was frustrating.


Tuesday, May 23, Day 79


Okay so let this day be marked as a semi-fail.  I wanted to cheat so bad all day.  It was aweful.  I did great for breakfast, but for lunch Olivia wanted pad thai so we went with a friend.  Then after shopping I swung into Artic Circle to get Olivia the ice cream she earned for being good.  I ordered onion rings for myself… UGH! why did I cheat AGAIN!  Then for dinner I really wanted to order a pizza and was craving something sweet.  I was like NO you are not going to self sabotage.  So I ate my veggie soup as I had planned and had a small serving of Halo Top ice cream.


Wednesday, May 24, Day 80


Have to fight the sweet cravings. AND I realized I needed to eat more veggies.

Breakfast: Ham, eggs, Okra, and strawberries.

Lunch: Salad and a tortilla pizza (I was still craving pizza and this helped!)

Snack: Turkey, carrots, and half a cutie (the kids asked for the other half and it was the last one.)

Dinner: Chicken, Sweet Potato, Oat, and Kale soup.  This is one of my favorite THM soup recipes.

To help with the sugar cravings I drank my GGMS today.  I got back on track and I am ready to go.  I have one week to get to 206.4 or less to win my diet bet for May and round 1 of my 6 month challenge.


Start by taking 1 step towards a healthier you today.   I am determined to get healthy for me, my husband, and my kids!  If I can do this so can you!


A week of food in photos.


May 15


May 16


May 17


May 18PhotoGrid_1495340528922.png

May 19


I did not eat the rice just chicken.

May 20


Again I did not eat the rice…this was a planned crossover and I didn’t like the rice so I was like nope not worth it so I just ate the teriyaki meatballs.


On Monday I was 210.4

Today I was 207.6

I had a smoothie for breakfast today.

Lunch was a cheat I had a roast beef sandwich at Arbys and 6 fries.

For dinner I am having cheesecake factory as our MOPS Leadership appreciation dinner. I plan to have edamame and lettuce wraps. No cheesecake bc it’s not worth the weight gain or the horrid headache!


The diet bet is holding me accountable so I’m thankful for that!


May 11 and 12 – no photos


May 11

Breakfast egg, sausage and berries,

Lunch grilled chicken salad with balsamic vinegar dressing (thanks Danielle!)

Dinner UGH Olivia picked crown burger.  I ordered a jr…took off about half the pastrami and only had a couple fries… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

We went to the bees game and she got a ball signed by bumble.  She was so excited.  I took one bite of cotton candy and one small bit of funnel cake and realized I didn’t feel either was worth the sickness later.


May 12

Breakfast: Triscuits and cheese (i was going to have turkey, but it wasn’t any good.  I also had some raspberries

Lunch: a small bowl of taco soup

I had been cleaning all day and stopped when I felt full.

Dinner: SURPRISE PARTY for Olivia.  I ate two hot dogs and a handful of chips.  I also had a bite of icing from her cake.  I feel yucky today!  Don’t know if its from this or not but blah!


MY NSV- I taught 4 classes early in the morning, cleaned the whole house, and did a birthday party and I didn’t feel dead!  Also was helping pick weeds I said to my husband hey I am doing this without being miserable  that 30lbs has made a big difference.  10 more until I am under 200.  and another 50 til I hit my long term goal of 150! I can do this!


3 day update!



May 8, Day 64,


Turkey, cheese slice, raspberries


grilled chicken and fruit from chick-fil-a


Lettuce Wraps

so these turned out not to be as “healthy” as I thought.  While trying to figure out what is in Hoisin sauce.  I read that the first ingredient is sugar…so I am going to have to find a way to make my own.


My weight was a little higher on Monday; some of that had to do with bloating and that time of the month.  This was my official weigh in for my 6 month diet bet.  The goal is to lose 10% by the end of October or weigh less than 192.8 lbs.  My personal goal is to be 199 by 29 which is 8/20 so this should be attainable if I stay on track.


Tuesday, 5/9 Final MOPS MEETING Day 64


Early Breakfast: sausage and cheese with berries.

MOPS Brunch: protein dishes, a few potatoes, veggies, and fries.  I ate way too much – it was all delicious!  I did not have any sweets.  My “cheats” were with a few potatoes.  I cannot resist Brandi’s potatoes and sausage they are SO yummy!

Late Lunch: I just had a few grilled chicken nuggets from chick fil a

Dinner: Taco Soup – I was so hungry! I ate two bowls.

Overall today wasn’t perfect; but I am happy with my decisions at the MOPS brunch.


Wednesday 5/10 PhotoGrid_1494514735799

I wasn’t feeling well at breakfast so I only had a few slices of turkey.  This was a bad decision because I was starving a couple hours later.

I had to run to Costco to order the cake for Olivia’s surprise party.  As a thank you to my neighbor for watching her I picked up a pizza and because I wanted to not eat 2 slices I made a Caesar salad.  When I was still hungry after the 1 slice I ate more salad instead of a second slice of pizza!!!

In the afternoon I was a bit hungry and finished off the Caesar Salad.

For dinner I made a philly cheese steak skillet.  It was so yummy.  My husband said you know what it is even better on bread (little turd)! I stayed strong and just ate it with a salad.

I know I am not perfect but I keep on trying.  This morning May 11th, I weighed in and was super excited to see a big weight loss from Monday!


5 years ago at 11:30 am the biggest surprise in my life happened.  After 36 hours of labor I welcomed a beautiful baby girl into this world.  If you don’t know; we were expecting a boy all along.  When they said its a girl the whole room said what?  a girl … I could not imagine our life without her in it.  She is one of the most giving and helpful little girls I have ever met.  Even today on her birthday she said “can we celebrate Grayson too?  He was born exactly a year and half ago.”  To my beautiful smart 5 year old!  Happy Birthday Olivia!


Day 63, May 7



Sundays are always suoer hectic mornings, but this day was nuts all day! From 4 am until 11 pm.

For breakfast Tim made sausage eggs, and berries!


At church I had a handful of goldfish. I was really hungry. I am going to have to plan for this better.


Lunch was a picnic at the park. I made a wrap with turkey and laughing cow pepper jack cheese. With a clementine!

After this I went to a friend’s to work on stuff for MOPS and I didn’t eat and my thing just drank water. It helps that she is and my thing thm’r too.

Dinner: we were at a friends birthday party. He turns 5 about 24 hours before Olivia does! I had 1 slice of pizza and finished half a slice of Olivia’s instead of gething as full second slice. I also had fruit, cheese, and a couple pepporoni. I take these nights as this is life, but I will make good decisions. Smaller portions and no dessert.


I can do this. I have money on it. I will lose 4% in the month of May. I will be under 199 by 29!


Day 61, May 6



Today was Olivia’s first baseball game day…pictures below.


Eggs and smoked sausage

Lunch: lettuce wrapped chicken club and a side salad from chick fil a


Turkey Burger (not on plan bun) and fruit. I didn’t have the fries that we made I opted for the berries instead.

I was still a little hungry after dinner, but I didn’t eat anything else anything was okay.

As promised this cutie ready for her 1st game!


May the fourth be with you and Cinco de Mayo



May 4th (Day 60)

Breakfast: Ham, eggs, and strawberries (of which I got half)  Grayson wanted my breakfast too!

Lunch: Leftover chicken and wild rice soup ( I only ate about 1/3 because both kids wanted some).

Snack: 6 organic triscuits with light laughing cow cheese and turkey.

Dinner: Grilled flank steak, roasted broccoli, and a Caesar salad. (love having Tim home to grill)

Snack: (not pictured) the other part of my healthy cookie.  I think it was way better on day 2!


Grayson keeps getting up super early while I am still teaching.  I am thankful Tim has been home and able to keep him until I am done; but that means he gets to hang out and do reviews with me.


He gets to watch a show on one screen while I type in teacher feedback on the other.



Cinco de Mayo!

Breakfast: Sausage, egg, and berries

Lunch: turkey, celery with light swiss laughing cow cheese, and baked tortilla chips and salsa

Dinner: in and out burger protein style

Snack: the best Mexican Rice EVER (courtesy of Danielle)


We had to take my car to the shop to get an alignment and new tires; ugh!  So we ate in and out for dinner.  I had it protein style to keep it as an S.  I have to admit I ate 10 french fries.  Yes, I counted them out.  After going to Costco we came home and were walking the dog when my neighbor stopped us and she had a tacos on the oven for Cinco de Mayo.  I had a bowl of her amazing rice.  It is seriously the best.  I have tried to recreate it and it doesn’t even compare!  This is technically off plan because it is made with Jasmine rice.

Here is my NSV (non scale victory) for the week!


Guess what size shorts these are?  AN 18!!!!  I was shocked.  I am at the points that the clothes I had I can walk out of.  I started in a  26.  I bought a pair of shorts at the beginning of April that were a 24. I can now walk out of those too.  So I assumed I would need 22.  Nope they were still pretty loose so I went for the slightly snug pair of 18’s!  I know I am going to continue to loose more weight and these too are going to be falling off!

Take it one day at a time.  I am determined to get healthy and stay healthy.  Today and tomorrow are busy days where we will be out of the house all day or almost all day.  So I will do the best I can to stay on track!