Day 4, 3/9


As usual another busy day. School for Olivia, cleaning, and painting Grayson’s closet shelving.  My shoulder is killing me do to some awkward angles to paint the lower shelves.

I had a few NSV (non scale victories today)!
1. At lunch I made way to much and I didn’t eat it all (you’ll see in the pics)
2. At dinner I only ate 1 bowl because I was full (normally I’d gorge to finish it!)
3. I didn’t snack while playing games with friends!


Food Journal:
Breakfast (E):
Sprouted toast with a smear of greek cream cheese and blackberry jam; turkey; half an apple.

Lunch (E):
I sauted some chicken with onions and bell peppers and mixed it with 1 cup of spanish rice. I only ate about of third of it because I was full!!! WAHOO.
I added a salad with salsa on it (not my favorite I’d mix with sour cream next time).

Snack (S- because of the cheese):
Romaine Lettuce, Colby Jack Cheese, Turkey, and a few blackberries

Dinner (S)
Cabb and Sausage from THM Cookbook page 58
I usually make this meal different with soy sauce and a ton of brown sugar. And I eat the whole pan by myself and I feel terrible because I am so stuffed.  Tonight I made a pan split it with kids, only ate 1 small bowl, and because I felt satisfied I did not go back for seconds!

On Thursday nights I try to play games with friends and there is usually snacks. I didn’t eat any; wahoo!

Off to bed another busy day tomorrow!