Day 93, December 3rd


The last two days I have felt hungry, Monday was the worst, yesterday wasn’t so bad, but today I never felt hungry.  It is really hard to eat when you are not hungry, but I pushed through.

For Breakfast I started off with another protein shake like yesterday.  It was around 8:30 this morning.


I added some ice and water today and it made a full 24oz it took quite a bit more effort to get it all down.

I dropped Olivia off at MDO and headed home to do my strength workout.  Yea for the rest of the day I winced everytime I had to sit down or stand back up.  I am so sore.  I put an essential oil pain relief blend on for tonight, hoping I will wake up a little looser tomorrow.

My plan was to have deli roll ups for a snack. This was my version:


I wrapped the spinach and turkey together and then snacked on the tomatoes and string cheese separate it was around 11:30

For lunch I made burrito bowls for the first time.



It was SO Amazing.  It kept me full for the afternoon and I can’t wait to have it again for lunch tomorrow!

I was not even hungry at 5:45 when it came time to have a snack, but I am trying to eat every 3 hours so I went ahead and ate the veggies with black bean hummus and a chocolate protein shake.


I made a favorite of mine for dinner, jerk chicken with pick-a-peppa sweet potatoes and roasted cauliflower. It was actually a let down compared to lunch.


The sweet potatoes didn’t cook long enough, but the chicken was dry because I tried to keep cooking the potatoes.  I wish I would have had triple the cauliflower; it was the best part.

I totaled out at 1496 calories – 183 from strength training = 1313 calories.

Fat 34 grams and 20 % (goal 47g / 25%)

Carbs 177 grams and 46% (goal 149g / 35%)

Protein 130 grams and 34% (goal 171g / 40%)

Steps 6172

Water 120 oz +

I wasn’t as close as yesterday, but still a great day and I wasn’t hungry so that is a huge plus!

Here is my game plan for tomorrow:

Thursday December 4
Breakfast greek yogurt half melon
Am Snack veggie sticks, hummus, and jerky
Lunch Burrito Bowl
Pm Snack celery w/ almond butter
Dinner Black Bean Soup
Late Snack cheese stick and grapes

My day will start whenever Olivia gets up in the morning.  Today she was up at 5:00 am with a nightmare and I couldn’t get back to sleep after that – even though I really tried.


Day 90 – Wow I’ve made it this far and lost another 6.75 inches!


Tim’s Uncle Tracy who has been battling cancer for the last two years passed away this morning. We knew this was coming, but Tim was trying to get home to see him. He will be home in Arkansas late this coming Friday night.  I am glad he is going to be able to go and be there for his family in this time of heartache. This is a hard for those of us left behind, but we know he is no longer suffering and is in a much better place.  I ask that you please pray for his wife Connie and their two boys Andrew and Brian as well as the rest of our family.

As I titled this post I was kind of shocked that I have stuck with trying to lose weight for 90 days; I have to admit that I have not eaten great during the month of November and the last few days are no exception.  I could give you several excuses, but really they are crap fueled with emotions.  After being on the high and low roller coaster for November, I am putting in some “drastic” changes for December.

However let’s start with a review of my November Goals:

  • Minimum 10 work outs lasting at least 30 minutes with at least     2 of them being cardio classes.

~ I completed 15 workouts 12 of which were cardio classes!

  • Complete the Little Black Dress (LBD) Challenge.

~ I started off doing this so well, but then I got sick and missed a few and due to some chronic pain I chose not to finish. I completed 22 / 30 workouts.

  • Keep an average of 1500 net calories for the month.  I do not      want to make this a daily goal for November due to several          social events we will be attending.

~ My net average was 1286 calories.

  • Incorporate more vegetables and fruit into our meals and            snacks.  The recommendation by the Health Dept is 9 servings    per day.  I am going to do this on a point system of 1 point for      every serving and try to hit a goal of 180 points by the end of        the month. That would be 2/3 of the recommendation.

~ Here is where I feel like I failed miserably. I was 39 short from my goal so I hit 141 servings, but I learned late in the month that even this number is not very accurate.  Because while potatoes are a vegetable they count under a carb on the food pyramid.

Here are the weight loss / inches lost statistics for November.

Day 60 Day 90
Weight 210.4 207.8 -2.6
Waist 45.5 45 -0.5
Hip 46 42.75 -3.25
Bust 38.5 37.5 -1
R Arm 13.25 13 -0.25
L Arm 13.25 13.25 0
R Thigh 25.5 24 -1.5
L Thigh 24.5 24.25 -0.25

I knew I had lost a little bit in the hips because my “skinny” jeans that I could not button on Day 1 are now falling off my hips. My total weight loss in 90 days is 23.4 pounds and my total inches lost 32.5.!

I think I did some things great in November mostly I moved a lot 195503 steps total; however I ate like crap.  We ate out a lot and I made some not so great choices.

So that brings me to my December Goals:

In December I am not going to try to hit a certain number of calories.  I am using the my Fitness Pal app to track my food this month, it suggests I consume 1700 calories a day to lose 1 pound a week.  My Fitness Pal is going to allow me to get a better overview of how much protein, carbs, and fat I am eating. My focus will be on eating the right foods and trying to reach a balance in each category, I am allowing myself up to 3 “cheat” meals a week.

I will post a meal guide every night as for what I plan to eat the next day. Tim and I are going to try to eat dinner out 2 times or less during December as well (wish me luck).

I am going to try to eat every 3 hours, this is going to keep my metabolism engaged. I am also going to try to have a protein at each one of these.  I will be trying some food items that I have not particularly cared for in the past so we will see how it goes.

Marie let me borrow some at home strength training DVD’s so I will be doing 3 of those a week (shooting for Mon, Wed, Fri) and I am going to shoot for 8 cardio sessions as well (Tue and Thur).  The physical side of weight loss is starting to come more naturally; my body craves the workout so I think this will be attainable.

My last goal is to increase my steps number by 10% that amounts to 215,000 steps or roughly 7000 steps a day.

Like I said above, big changes and big challenges for December, but I think I am up for it.  I did not want to wait til January to make the food change that I knew needed to happen so here I am jumping in with both feet.

Tomorrow I have to go grocery shopping to get the things I need to complete this weeks meal goals. This is what I plan to eat tomorrow:

Breakfast egg, half toast, apple
Am Snack cheese stick and grapes
Lunch Turkey Pita w/ snap peas
Pm Snack celery w/ almond butter
Dinner Shrimp and Vegetable Stir-fry
Late Snack Bunco Night (not sure what will be available)

Thanks for reading my blog and being my support system.

Day 79, November 19th


I started of the morning tired and sore. Olivia woke me up at 4 am and I really wasn’t able to get back to sleep.  Tim’s coworker Nick bought Olivia a cut frog hat and she was excited to wear it.

20141119_084313I then went out and worked on Christmas shopping and picked up some ingredients for things I am bringing to a Thanksgiving gathering.  I am so thankful that Marie and her husband Scott who owns a ceramic stuido invited us over for dinner!  I am glad we won’t have to spend our first holiday away from home alone.

I took a protein bar from home to eat when I got hungry.


140 calories

I still have to go to Sam’s tomorrow to get a few more things, but for the most part I am prepared to make a cheese ball, cappuccino cheesecake, and roasted root vegetables. (I will document what I eat, but I am not worrying about calories on Turkey Day).  I read that the average calories consumed is around 4500.

For lunch today, I decided to have Simply Thai. I ordered a vegetable pad thai, but I forgot to take a picture so here is the one from the chicken pad thai last week.

20141112_130445It was very similar except 3 times the amount of vegetables. It added up to 750 calories.  Knowing I was going to Zumba again tonight, it was worth every bit.

I came home and put together two more Christmas Child boxes.  We learned that there are never enough boxes for the older kids in the 10-14 age range (they are harder to shop for).  Tim told me to  go out and get the stuff to make one for a boy and one for a girl so that’s what I did. I kept trying to lay down and take a nap, but I had a daughter who didn’t want to sleep and several phone calls.

After rest time was over I got up and did the LBD exercises from yesterday and then the 3 from today.  I can honestly say not a single one of them were easy. I don’t recommend trying to double up especially when you are up to a 40 counts.

Tim wanted sausage gravy for dinner so that’s what he ate; I chose to wait until after Zumba to eat.  Zumba was a struggle tonight since I was sore from last nights toning class and then I did all the leg stuff for LBD.  I am signed up to do Zumba Tone again tomorrow night and its a rest day for LBD!


I have been craving these for months but they are 440 calories a piece, I decided to splurge the calories. I ate mine and Tim gave me the other half of his b/c he said it had to much cilantro.  So that is a total of 660 calories.

So let’s add it up 1550 – calories from Zumba 793 = 757 net calories

Steps 9757

Fruits / Vegetables: 0 / 4 Total 88.5

Day 77, November 17th


I started my day of with a banana before I took Olivia ice skating.


She did so well today.  I am amazed at how much like me she is.  She is such a perfectionist and would rather not do it then fail at it so ice skating is a hard for her I think because she doesn’t have control and she sees other (older) kids that are better than her.

We came home from ice skating and I cleaned up the house, did several loads of laundry (why does it never seem to end) and chose to have left overs for lunch with a fresh salad.


I actually liked the manicotti as leftovers more than the first night. I think all the flavors had a chance to meld together more.

While Olivia napped I finished up her scarf that matches her hat.


She was not amused that I wanted to take her picture. She just wanted to cuddle with her daddy. I got an invite to a pampered chef party last minute so I decided to go to that instead of doing Zumba.

We made potato soup and mint oreo truffles.


The soup and bread I estimate at 482 calories.  I liked the soup it was similar to mine. I was excited to have this because I have been craving potato soup.


I had these two and then two more :/ Mint chocolate is my favorite. I estimate these to be around 330 calories.

Total Calories: 1369

Steps: 4489

Fruits / Vegetables: Today 1 / 6 Total 77

Tomorrow is weigh in day. I had 54 visitors to yesterdays post, thanks for following!

Day 76, November 16th


I started the day off splitting a banana with Olivia and then I had a protein bar on the way to church this morning.

After a great discussion of John chapter 9 in Sunday School; we listened to a sermon on Revelation chapter 20.  I am so thankful that we have found Grace here in Utah each week it is starting to feel like home.

After service our Sunday school class went out to eat at Firehouse Subs because kids eat free on Sundays!


I opted for their light version of the hook and ladder with baked chips.  This calorie count was 590.  Prior to being calorie conscious the count would have been 1550 for the large or 980 for the medium with sour cream and cheddar chips.

After church we ran to Wal-mart and then I came home and worked on a “lesson plan” for Olivia for the next few weeks.

For dinner Tim brought home a cheese pizza and a chocolate chip pizza dessert after running some errands with Olivia. It was a nice surprise, but I had planned to make a new chicken recipe so we will have that tomorrow.

20141116_184305 20141116_211557

It was all very yummy, but I don’t think it was worth all 970 calories.

Today was a rest day for LBD Challenge, tomorrow its back with an 80 second plank!

Here is my mid month check in on my goals:

  • Minimum 10 work outs lasting at least 30 minutes with at least     2 of them being cardio classes.

* I have already done 8 workouts; 5 of which have been cardio classes.  It is getting to the point that my body craves the workouts which is really nice.

  • Complete the Little Black Dress (LBD) Challenge.

* So far I am right on track!

  • Keep an average of 1500 net calories for the month.  I do not      want to make this a daily goal for November due to several social events we will be attending.

* My gross is at 1511 and my net is at 1217 calorie average.

  • Incorporate more vegetables and fruit into our meals and snacks.  The recommendation by the Health Dept is 9 servings per day.  I am going to do this on a point system of 1 point for every serving and try to hit a goal of 180 points by the end of the month. That would be 2/3 of the recommendation.

*I am currently at 70 points; I should be at 96 in order to be on target to hit my goal.

I have also hit a new record for views 2 days ago on my “horrible” day. I had 78 viewers; I usually have 20 visitors or so! Thank you everyone for reading and supporting my journey to a new me.

5% down! Day 29, September 30


Today is a day for reflection as it is the end of the month. I had 3 goals with one bonus goal.

Eliminate soda by 9/10 and drink 2 quarts of water each day – completed

Exercise 10 times – completed

Food Journal Daily – completed

Lose 5% of my starting body weight completed. I weighed in this morning at 219 lbs even – completed. (Total weight loss of 12.2 lbs)

So now to decide my goals for October

Continuing goals from September

2 qts of water daily

Exercise 10 times

Food Journal

With us going to Vegas I am struggling with making attainable goals for the whole month, but here is what I am striving for:

Exercise up it to 45 minutes per session

Take at least 1 aerobics class at the rec center

Try to consume less than 1500 calories a day after Vegas.

Bonus goal reach 10% total loss (208.1lbs)

Originally I had planned to up the number of workouts but chances are I will not work out while on vacation so that’s 8 days.  I am going to food journal and try to make wise decisions, but its vacation and all are meals will be out. My goal is to not gain more than 4 lbs during that week. (came up with that number at half a pound a day)  I will weigh myself before we leave on Saturday and then when we get back home on Sunday.

Here is my last journal entry for September.

Food Journal

9:15 155 calories

bread (90)

peanut butter (40)

jelly (25)

8oz water


She didn’t want to hold the pumpkin “It was too heavy”


Loved her Smile here; helps remind me why I am trying to lose weight.

while at the pumpkin patch

trail mix 160 calories

16oz water

1:45 275 calories

left over chicken wrap (240)

1/2 apple (35)

16oz water

2:30 trail mix 160 calories

8oz water

6:30 812 calories

Vegetables in sauce (80)

1/4c fried rice (83)

1/3c general tso chicken (103)

1 vegetable spring roll (120)

2 cheese wontons (126)

16oz water

9:30 popcorn 50 calories

16oz water

Total Calories 1612

* I hate how deceptive Chinese food is I felt like I didn’t eat anything for dinner tonight and the calories added up quickly. (Volumetrics) I ordered vegetable chow mien from one of our favorite Chinese restaurants here; (I really like it from Panda Express)  however it was not good from Blue Bay.  The noodles were extremely crunchy so I ended up not eating them.  I did eat about 1/2 cup of the vegetables.  But almost no rice and only 5 small pieces of chicken.  I hate this fact because I LOVE Chinese food.


Thank you all for the encouraging words this month and I hope you will stick with me for the month of October.