Days 8 – 10



Life has been a little hectic here this week.  Trying to get Olivia back into the swing of things with school starting.  She is an official in kindergarten.  Since we are homeschooling she did an easy kindergarten year last year and this year it is much more work.  A lot of people ask me what curriculum I use so here is what she is doing this year

Christian Light – Reading and Language Arts
Christian Light – Math
Pandia Press – Science Life
Story of the World Vol 1 – History
Spanish Town – Spanish
Jesus Storybook Bible and Awana – Bible Study

Its a much fuller and more rigorous course load then last year so it is taking some adjusting to.


Photo Food Journal for Monday


Breakfast (S):
Scrambled Eggs

Lunch (E):
Salad w/ Waldorf Farms 1000 Island
Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

And we watched the Eclipse – it was pretty cool.  I don’t think if their had been all the hype I would have even known as we were not in the line of totality.  For the next one we will be pretty close so I hope I get to experience that as it is amazing to think how perfect everything has to be for us to experience it!

Snack (S):
Colby-jack Cheese

Dinner (E):
Cowboy Grub (page 59)

Dessert (S):
Trimtastic Chocolate Zucchini Cake left over from my birthday.



On Tuesday my husband surprised me by setting up for me, my two sister in laws, and my best friend to go see Wizard of Oz at a local dinner theater.  I am almost never surprised so they were all super glad to pull it off.

*Tuesday I woke up feeling pretty terrible.  I have a UTI and a large cyst on an ovary.  I forgot to take pictures here is what I ate.

Breakfast – none

Lunch (E) – Turkey Sandwich w/ mustard

Dinner (CHEAT) – I had some green beans, fried chicken, and roast. I had 2 tiny pieces of carrot cake (seriously like each piece was maybe 4 small bites).  I also had a coconut rum hot chocolate drink.  I have never had a warm alcoholic beverage.  It was pretty yummy!



I thank Serene and Pearl for really instilling this into me after reading their book.  After years of dieting.  If I had a cheat it usually led to the rest of the week as cheating.  And I would say oh I will start again on Monday essentially causing me to put on an extra pound or two.  Now I just start again at the next meal.  Tuesday night was a cheat.  I was out with friends. I made the best decision with food that I could.  And then splurged with dessert and a drink.  However, Wednesday morning I was right back on track.


I was also excited to see that my  night of splurging did not move the scale.  209.8!

Breakfast (S):
left over steak

Drink Cherry Limade Good Girl Moonshine

Lunch (E):
left over Cowboy Grub

Snack (E):
not pictured (my phone was playing music for Grayson’s nap)
6 low fat triscuit crackers
1 light laughing cow cheese
2 slices lean ham

Dinner (E):
not pictured (my phone was dead)
White Chicken Chili (recipe here)


Now if you are worried about my exercise goals I have kept up with those too.  Not as rigorous as last week, but still meeting my goals of cardio 3 times a week.





Olivia played capture the flag with the home school group and I walked a few loops outside.



I deserve to be healthy.  I have to do this for me. I can do this.  I will get healthy.


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