Day 4, August 17th



I am going to start with the exercise today.  I am committed.  Tonight after dinner I told Tim I wanted to keep my cardio streak going.  Olivia wanted to go with me to the gym instead of with her dad.  This was a huge shock to me!  She has always chosen to go with her dad.


This is our post workout selfie.  We did 15 minutes on the track.  She kept telling me to run mom run.  And then joking about how much faster she was than me.  I ran a little bit more each lap until the last one when I couldn’t breathe so I walked it!  Then I did 15 minutes on the bike 2.26 miles!  The quote above reminds me that this is more than I was doing yesterday.  It takes time to build speed and endurance.

Photo Food Journal:


Breakfast (S):
I’m calling this Breakfast Pizza
2 eggs for the “crust”
Toppings include 2 slices of bacon, 2 slices of ham, red bell pepper, purple onion, .5oz of cheddar cheese.

*The piece that is missing was given to Grayson

Lunch (E):
Burrito Bowl (same as earlier in the week)

Raspberry Lemonade Good Girl Moonshine

(Dinner (E):
Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

Snack (S):
Beef Jerky 1oz

*Let’s talk about this snack.  I really wanted something else.  Let me show you a picture of what I wanted.


So I looked through all the different varieties of these at the store last week and had picked this one as it was the only one that fell into an E setting; all the others would have been cross overs.  I LOVE trail mix, but since my son was diagnosed with a peanut allergy we have not had it in the house.  So I was excited when I saw that this one that did not have peanuts.  Then I got my scale out measured it into a bowl, but I noticed that everything looked like it was coated in a crystal like substance .  So I flipped the bag over to confirm what I already knew and sugar, sugar, SUGAR… 15g in 1/4 of a cup!  Needless to say I didn’t eat it.  Fruits are plenty sweet why “candy coat” them? I had the beef jerky that was in our cabinet instead.  It also has a little bit more sugar than I though at 6 grams, but 5 times the amount of protein as this snack mix.


I can do this.  It is worth the time invested.  I am going to be healthy ~ taking it one day at a time!


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