Day 1 – August 14th


It was a success!  On plan all day!


Here are the numbers:
Weight 215.4 lbs
R Arm 12.5 inches
L Arm 13 inches
R Thigh 23.25 inches
L Thigh 24.5 inches
Waist 48 inches
Hips 45 inches
Bust 48 inches
Under Bust 39 inches
Neck 14.5 inches

Photo Food Journal:

Breakfast (S):
Scrambled Egg

Drink: Good Girl Moonshine

Lunch (E):
Chicken and Black bean Quesadillas
Small Salad with Salsa and Walden Farms Ranch

Dinner (E):
Taco Crunch Salad (recipe here)
Here is how I changed it.  We halved the recipe, but used a whole head of lettuce.

After dinner our family headed over to the rec-center.  I walked the track for 30 minutes and then swam 4 laps in the pool.  My goal is to do this 3 times a week.

Dessert (FP):
Cheesecake cookies squared (recipe here)
I used whipped Greek cream cheese instead of the Greek yogurt.
I used about a half a tablespoon of Xylitol to sweeten it.
For the topping I was trying to make some simple chocolate but it didn’t work out very well because it crystallized.  These were okay. I thought the dough was better than the baked cookie.

I can do this!  I will get healthy.

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