Day 84 – 87 Weigh In and Measurements!



Sunday’s breakfast started out so promising for the day.  We were going to lunch with a friend at Olive Garden- I had already decided ahead of time to do soup and salad and I split an order of lasagna fritta with my husband.  It was amazing, but a big cheat.  For dinner I let the cheating continue and had a burger w/ the bun from Burger King and half a container of small fries.



Monday – Memorial Day.   Back on track for breakfast: a blt wrap and some strawberries.  For lunch we had what was supposed to be the night before’s dinner.  Chili Lime chicken Legs and Kiwi.  For dinner we did a grill out – I cheated but I knew it was coming.  I avoided all the desserts though!!!


Monday was also weigh in day!  12 weeks


6-Mar 4-Apr 1-May 26-May
Weight 231 219 215.6 207.8
Left Arm 14 14 13.5 12.75
Right Arm 14 13.5 13 12.5
Left Thigh 25 25 24.5 23.75
Right Thigh 26.5 25.25 24.5 24.5
Bust 50.5 48.5 48 48
Under Bust 42.5 39.5 39 39
Waist 51.5 47.75 45 44.5
Hips 47 47 46.5 44.5
Neck 15.75 14.5 14.5 14.5
Total Inches Lost 9.25 inches 6.5 inches 4.5 inches

I am happy with these numbers! It’s coming off slowly but surely!



Tuesday I started out with a two egg omelet for breakfast.  It had half a piece of sausage, 1 piece of bacon, some onion, bell pepper, spinach, and cheese.

Lunch I made a grilled chicken salad with vegtable soup and a sliced nectarine.

Dinner was an Italian Chicken Foil Packet.

I have a weigh in on June 1st so I needed to correct some of the weekend damage from the 3 cheat meals.

I sipped on GGMS all day on Tuesday AND Wednesday.



I was so hungry all day Wednesday.  I walked a ton, but I was ravenous all day!  Breakfast I ended up just eating ham and honey dew because the bread was moldy—which I didn’t notice til I sat down to eat.

For lunch I had left over Italian Chicken.

As a snack a few baked tostitos scoops and some turkey.

For dinner Spaghetti squash and a turkey meat sauce.


Thursday is my weigh in for my May diet bet!  Cannot wait to see if I made it under 206.4!