Day 82 and 83!


On every journey we have up and down.  This is my journey and I have to own it!

Day 82, Friday May 26


Started my morning with eggs, ham, and the last of the strawberries.  Grayson ate half of them after having 2 eggs, toast, and whole apple…that kid never stops eating.

For lunch I had leftover sweet potato soup again – I wasn’t feeling it, but I ate it.

For a snack I made a tortilla pizza.  These are so yummy and actually satisfying my craving for a pizza. (which they have never really done before!)

For dinner Olivia’s favorite sausage and cabbage.  (she loves the sausage more than the cabbage).  This is one of those meals I really enjoy and I end up eating way to much.

I made up for it by walking a mile with a neighbor!


Day 83, Saturday May 27

I feel like superwoman!  Here is a run down of my day.

I woke up at 4:00 am to teach 4 darling Chinese students English.  A lot of teachers are having cancellations because it is the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival…not my students all of them were in class today!

Grayson was awake and waiting for me to finish classes at 7:00 am. I made us breakfast. Took the dog for a walk. Mowed and weed-eated the grass. Then I blowed of the sidewalk and picked some weeds out of the rocks.  All while chasing my precious helper! (fyi: I do not mow grass – seriously this is the 4th time in almost 29 years; but my husband had a flight change and was helping a friend of mine move so I decided to help him out)  We have a push mower; this was one hell of a workout!

I came inside made Olivia breakfast, cleaned the kitchen, checked the freezer for meats so I could scrounge up a meal plan on a very limited food budget. Made said meal plan, cleaned the pantry out (it was a mess).  Washed, dried, folded, and put away 3 baskets of laundry. Made lunch, cleaned the kitchen again. Put Grayson down for a nap.  Did reading and math schoolwork with Olivia.

Tim finally got home so I got to spend some time with him while the kiddos had quiet time.  Went to the grocery store. Put groceries away.  Did the prep work for dinner – Tim grilled it. Then taught 2 more precious Chinese students some English!



So why did I recap all that because I have been up since 4 am SUPER BUSY and I am not completely wiped out!  I am so thankful for the 37 lbs I have lost so far.  I have so much more energy than before!


Here is what I ate today: (warning there are cheats)


Breakfast an egg with ham — i was out of fruit 😦

Lunch Turkey and mustard sandwich on sprouted bread and carrot sticks

Snack (CHEAT) why do I love this CRAP — nachos bell grande from taco bell.

Dinner: Blackened Salmon Tacos with a cilantro lime crema!  Okay so these could fall into the crossover territory.  Seriously they were amazing.  I do not love fish, but we had 4 small salmon fillets in the freezer – and I was trying to keep groceries cheap this week so I needed to use them.  I found this recipe and it was a huge hit.  Even picky Olivia said mom this is so delicious and ate 2.  Grayson ate it too.  I had a third one and so did Tim! It is now in my menu repertoire. Want to try it out for yourself; here is the recipe!

*** put in the effort for the grilled corn – so worth it! ***


Ups and Downs – this is my journey and I own it — onederland here I come!



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