Days 78-80


Okay I am losing days left and right.  I thought I only had 2 days to post about, but I actually have 3…  let me start by saying on Sunday night I went to the cheesecake factory for an appreciation dinner.  I did not eat any bread!  I did not eat any cheesecake!  Oh the will power it took.  I shared some edamame with a friend and ordered the thai lettuce wraps!  I was so proud.  I then went and walked for about 45 minutes with one of my mentor moms to help burn off a few calories.


Monday, May 22, Day 78


Breakfast Sausage and egg

Lunch Crackers, light laughing cow cheese

Dinner Dreamfield pasta with a turkey spaghetti sauce.

I saw a weight gain on Monday which wasn’t surprising as I know the sodium content from the cheesecake factory was pretty high. Still 209 was frustrating.


Tuesday, May 23, Day 79


Okay so let this day be marked as a semi-fail.  I wanted to cheat so bad all day.  It was aweful.  I did great for breakfast, but for lunch Olivia wanted pad thai so we went with a friend.  Then after shopping I swung into Artic Circle to get Olivia the ice cream she earned for being good.  I ordered onion rings for myself… UGH! why did I cheat AGAIN!  Then for dinner I really wanted to order a pizza and was craving something sweet.  I was like NO you are not going to self sabotage.  So I ate my veggie soup as I had planned and had a small serving of Halo Top ice cream.


Wednesday, May 24, Day 80


Have to fight the sweet cravings. AND I realized I needed to eat more veggies.

Breakfast: Ham, eggs, Okra, and strawberries.

Lunch: Salad and a tortilla pizza (I was still craving pizza and this helped!)

Snack: Turkey, carrots, and half a cutie (the kids asked for the other half and it was the last one.)

Dinner: Chicken, Sweet Potato, Oat, and Kale soup.  This is one of my favorite THM soup recipes.

To help with the sugar cravings I drank my GGMS today.  I got back on track and I am ready to go.  I have one week to get to 206.4 or less to win my diet bet for May and round 1 of my 6 month challenge.


Start by taking 1 step towards a healthier you today.   I am determined to get healthy for me, my husband, and my kids!  If I can do this so can you!



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