A week of food in photos.


May 15


May 16


May 17


May 18PhotoGrid_1495340528922.png

May 19


I did not eat the rice just chicken.

May 20


Again I did not eat the rice…this was a planned crossover and I didn’t like the rice so I was like nope not worth it so I just ate the teriyaki meatballs.


On Monday I was 210.4

Today I was 207.6

I had a smoothie for breakfast today.

Lunch was a cheat I had a roast beef sandwich at Arbys and 6 fries.

For dinner I am having cheesecake factory as our MOPS Leadership appreciation dinner. I plan to have edamame and lettuce wraps. No cheesecake bc it’s not worth the weight gain or the horrid headache!


The diet bet is holding me accountable so I’m thankful for that!



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