May 11 and 12 – no photos


May 11

Breakfast egg, sausage and berries,

Lunch grilled chicken salad with balsamic vinegar dressing (thanks Danielle!)

Dinner UGH Olivia picked crown burger.  I ordered a jr…took off about half the pastrami and only had a couple fries… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

We went to the bees game and she got a ball signed by bumble.  She was so excited.  I took one bite of cotton candy and one small bit of funnel cake and realized I didn’t feel either was worth the sickness later.


May 12

Breakfast: Triscuits and cheese (i was going to have turkey, but it wasn’t any good.  I also had some raspberries

Lunch: a small bowl of taco soup

I had been cleaning all day and stopped when I felt full.

Dinner: SURPRISE PARTY for Olivia.  I ate two hot dogs and a handful of chips.  I also had a bite of icing from her cake.  I feel yucky today!  Don’t know if its from this or not but blah!


MY NSV- I taught 4 classes early in the morning, cleaned the whole house, and did a birthday party and I didn’t feel dead!  Also was helping pick weeds I said to my husband hey I am doing this without being miserable  that 30lbs has made a big difference.  10 more until I am under 200.  and another 50 til I hit my long term goal of 150! I can do this!



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