3 day update!



May 8, Day 64,


Turkey, cheese slice, raspberries


grilled chicken and fruit from chick-fil-a


Lettuce Wraps

so these turned out not to be as “healthy” as I thought.  While trying to figure out what is in Hoisin sauce.  I read that the first ingredient is sugar…so I am going to have to find a way to make my own.


My weight was a little higher on Monday; some of that had to do with bloating and that time of the month.  This was my official weigh in for my 6 month diet bet.  The goal is to lose 10% by the end of October or weigh less than 192.8 lbs.  My personal goal is to be 199 by 29 which is 8/20 so this should be attainable if I stay on track.


Tuesday, 5/9 Final MOPS MEETING Day 64


Early Breakfast: sausage and cheese with berries.

MOPS Brunch: protein dishes, a few potatoes, veggies, and fries.  I ate way too much – it was all delicious!  I did not have any sweets.  My “cheats” were with a few potatoes.  I cannot resist Brandi’s potatoes and sausage they are SO yummy!

Late Lunch: I just had a few grilled chicken nuggets from chick fil a

Dinner: Taco Soup – I was so hungry! I ate two bowls.

Overall today wasn’t perfect; but I am happy with my decisions at the MOPS brunch.


Wednesday 5/10 PhotoGrid_1494514735799

I wasn’t feeling well at breakfast so I only had a few slices of turkey.  This was a bad decision because I was starving a couple hours later.

I had to run to Costco to order the cake for Olivia’s surprise party.  As a thank you to my neighbor for watching her I picked up a pizza and because I wanted to not eat 2 slices I made a Caesar salad.  When I was still hungry after the 1 slice I ate more salad instead of a second slice of pizza!!!

In the afternoon I was a bit hungry and finished off the Caesar Salad.

For dinner I made a philly cheese steak skillet.  It was so yummy.  My husband said you know what it is even better on bread (little turd)! I stayed strong and just ate it with a salad.

I know I am not perfect but I keep on trying.  This morning May 11th, I weighed in and was super excited to see a big weight loss from Monday!


5 years ago at 11:30 am the biggest surprise in my life happened.  After 36 hours of labor I welcomed a beautiful baby girl into this world.  If you don’t know; we were expecting a boy all along.  When they said its a girl the whole room said what?  a girl … I could not imagine our life without her in it.  She is one of the most giving and helpful little girls I have ever met.  Even today on her birthday she said “can we celebrate Grayson too?  He was born exactly a year and half ago.”  To my beautiful smart 5 year old!  Happy Birthday Olivia!



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