Day 63, May 7



Sundays are always suoer hectic mornings, but this day was nuts all day! From 4 am until 11 pm.

For breakfast Tim made sausage eggs, and berries!


At church I had a handful of goldfish. I was really hungry. I am going to have to plan for this better.


Lunch was a picnic at the park. I made a wrap with turkey and laughing cow pepper jack cheese. With a clementine!

After this I went to a friend’s to work on stuff for MOPS and I didn’t eat and my thing just drank water. It helps that she is and my thing thm’r too.

Dinner: we were at a friends birthday party. He turns 5 about 24 hours before Olivia does! I had 1 slice of pizza and finished half a slice of Olivia’s instead of gething as full second slice. I also had fruit, cheese, and a couple pepporoni. I take these nights as this is life, but I will make good decisions. Smaller portions and no dessert.


I can do this. I have money on it. I will lose 4% in the month of May. I will be under 199 by 29!



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