DAY 56, Weigh In 5/1


It is a few days late, but I did all the info on Monday.  At night I am so exhausted so I think I am going to start posting the day after around mid day.  I have several people who have text me to check up and say they are missing my blog posts so here goes For Monday and Tuesday!

March 6 April 4 May 1
Weight 231 219 215.6
Left Arm 14 14 13.5
Right Arm 14 13.5 13
Left Thigh 25 25 24.5
Right Thigh 26.5 25.25 24.5
Bust 50.5 48.5 48
Under Bust 42.5 39.5 39
Waist 51.5 47.75 45
Hips 47 47 46.5
Neck 15.75 14.5 14.5
Total Inches Lost 9.25 inches 6.5 inches

At one point my weight was under 215 but I had Chinese food twice on Sunday so that I think added a little bit back to it.  I am happy with the progress during April especially because I could have done better.  Here are the photos to go along with the numbers!


I am beginning to see the change!  I started this journey in December at 243 lbs so almost 30 lbs down!  This past weekend I got rid of all my pants that no longer fit as well as all my maternity stuff.  I do not plan on going back so there is no need to have them in my closet when I can actually just walk out of the pants (and I hate belts).


On Monday the first I started back on plan 100% I know the plan works so I will stick to it.  Having no sugar is easy at this point because it makes me feel awful.  Staying away from pasta, potatoes, and pizza is something completely different, but I know I can do this.



Monday I had brunch.  I went back upstairs after my classes and rested.  So Chicken salad in lettuce wraps with some strawberries.

For an afternoon snack 6 organic triscuits (not technically on plan but I think wasa crackers taste like cardboard).  And Smoked Turkey.

For dinner beef and broccoli (homemade and it is the best I have ever made!)  I had zoodles (zucchini noodles) with mine instead of rice.  I wanted to keep it as an S.



Yesterday Tuesday May 2.

For breakfast sausage, egg, and cheese.  I have been paying for this at McDonalds.  I decided to just make my own.

For lunch.  I packed a lean ham and swiss wrap.  I had already eaten the other half.  I also had some kiwi.

For Dinner: in the blue bowl shredded mexican chicken, refried beans, a small scoop of sour cream, sprinkle of cheese, and salsa.  I made it into a dip for my chips.  These are baked lays tortilla scoops. And a salad.


As a huge praise my husband has decided to give up sodas!  He made the switch to diet awhile back and I despised that.  He finally said he would cut it out all together!  First few days were rough but now he isn’t missing it at all!


We can do this.  Join me in a journey to get healthy.  Let’s encourage each other!  Let’s do this!


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