Day 38, 3-12


4 am is a hard time to wake up and be chipper if you are a night owl. But I did it! Definitely going to take time to adjust to this new schedule.


I ate some chicken, berries, and half a banana before teaching. After teaching I was so thankful my kids were still asleep so I got to rest for another hour!

I wasn’t hungry again til lunch time when I had some left over chili. Thank you Mary Visnovsky for giving this to me to put in the freezer it definitely helped today!


He thought he was so funny today because he was dipping his pretzels into his chili and he was laughing hysterically like he was getting away with something.

My red blood cell count is back in the danger zone after Vegas…ugh! He is giving my body a week to raise the count by 2% or I will need another transfusion.

This afternoon she and I made Confetti Cookie bars for church. I tried a small corner to make sure they tasted okay because I walked into her shaking the salt shaker into the bowl because she couldn’t fine the right measuring spoon.

For dinner I let Olivia pick because she was getting an award at Awana. She chose chickfila. I had a grilled chicken sandwich minus the bun…which I ate in the car as I was running a little behind or so I thought. In my mind it started at 6 not 6:30.


This little girl is so pretty and so smart. She was insistent that I curl her hair and let her have a little make up as she was getting an award. It got to the end and it was just her and Luca she was worried they forgot about her as her name was the last one called. They were called last because of all the cubbies they did two books this year. Memorizing 2 verses each week. I am so proud to be her mom.

I have 2 assessments to administer in the morning so I am off to bed.



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