Day 35, 4-9 Bye, Bye Las Vegas!



I basically took last week off. It was kinda hectic getting ready for our trip to Vegas. I usually ate on plan for breakfast and lunch but then dinner was either a crossover or a cheat all together.


Tim and I were so excited to get the weekend together…even if he did have to work too. We left at 5 am to get to the airport on Friday. After being up til midnight getting the kids situated at our amazing neighbors and helping her dismantle her kitchen sink faucet as it was leaking.


Friday I followed Tim around work and Joe was kind enough to show me around the plant. It helped me understand more of what Tim does. Everyone sang Tim praises. I know he is awesome that’s why I married him. (I also know it’s not like they are going to say he is a real jerk either).

After lunch at pieology (I split a pizza with Tim)  I got a massage and a facial at Elante! Facial was awesome, the massage was a little rough but helped a ton. For dinner we waited for le thai. I wanted to eat there last time we were in Vegas but we didn’t have the time to wait. This time with just adults it was easy! The pad thai was amazing! Now I know why they have a consistent 2 hour wait time.

After that we walked around Freemont street. I just drank water.

Day 1 – 8.9 miles walked

Saturday – Tim had to work all day 5 am to 5:30pm. I hung out with Greg’s wife Melissa. We walked around ate lunch at Wahlburger and went shopping at the outlets.

That night they treated as to The Variety Show – it was hilarious! I highly recommend it and it is family friendly too. I had a rum and coke during the show. Afterwards we ate at an Italian restraunt. I had the chicken parm, but only ate the chicken – I didn’t care for the spaghetti. I also had a couple pieces of bread.

We tried walking around on the strip to see the fountains at the bellagio, it was very windy and cold so we caught a quick view and went back to the hotel.

Day 2- 11.3 miles walked

Today we got up and played top golf. I mostly watched. I had half a breakfast sandwich and a few tater tots. It was amazing.


After that we walked around the strip. I was able to pick up some things for the kids and even got a picture with pikachu for Olivia.


That kid loves pokemon. My flight was delayed a couple hours which meant I got to spend a little more time with Tim. But alas our time had come to an end. He dropped me off at the airport where I grabbed some chicken and southwest egg rolls for dinner and he had to head back to work. My flight was good I didn’t have anyone sitting in the middle seat so I didn’t feel squished!

I had alot of NSV on this trip:

I didn’t really crave sugar. I had no desserts this was HUGE for me.

I only had 1 soda the whole trip, also amazing since we were getting almost no sleep.

I feel pretty in the pictures I took of me and I can see the weight loss. This makes me excited. For the first time in awhile I felt confident.

I walked a total of 32.6 miles in 3 days! And not once did I really feel winded.

I had so much fun. My neighbors were amazing for watching my kiddos. Tim’s co-workers were amazing hosts, I am so thankful they invited me to join them!


Tonight I am thankful for my kiddos. They drive me crazy, but I really love them and missed them. They are a large part of my identity and I realize that when I am away from them.

I will be interested to see what the scale says in the morning. I didn’t eat on plan so that has me nervous. I’m hoping all the walking made up for it.

Also if my husband asks…I think our next car should be a dodge charger with a v8, hemi in it… that thing was alot of fun to drive around. I’ll take mine in blue…haha


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