Day 29



I am happy with the results I have seen in just 4 weeks.  Here goes the statistics.

Starting Numbers                      Today’s Numbers                Loss / Gain
Weight 231 lbs                              219 lbs                                         – 12 lbs
Left Arm 14 inches                      14 inches                                       0 inches
Right Arm 14 inches                   13.5 inches                                   -0.5 inches
Left Thigh 25 inches                    25 inches                                      0 inches
Right Thigh 26.5 inches              25.25 inches                                -0.75 inches
Bust 50.5 inches                           48.5 inches                                   -2 inches
Under Bust 42.5 inches              39.5 inches                                   -3 inches
Waist 51.5 inches                        47.75 inches                                 -2.25 inches
Hips 47 inches                             47 inches                                         0 inches
Neck 15.75 inches                       14.5 inches                                     -0.75 inches



Food Journal: I ate awful today. I started out well making eggs and ham with berries. Grayson ate a lot of my eggs.  I should of just made an extra one.

For Lunch I ate a few slices of turkey. I was trying to clean house and didn’t want to stop to eat. HUGE MISTAKE!!!

I ran out of floor polish so I ran to Walmart to get more.  I swung through the drive through at Artic Circle per Olivia’s request.  I ordered a bacon cheesburger no bun well it came on a bun and I ate it.  Then before I realized it I had a mouthful of fries.  I did stop eating them though so I think that is amazing.

A NSV for the day I swept, mopped, and polished our hardwoods and my back didn’t hurt.  So thankful to be 24 lbs down since starting on December 26.

After cleaning all day, Tim called on his way home from the airport to ask if I wanted something to eat.  Um Yes, I got a nacho bell grande 😦 I was hungry. I ate the whole thing. I am thankful to issue grace to start again in the morning.

Night! I have to keep moving forward; I can do this, if I eat every 3-4 hours.  When I get ravenous my guard is down and I eat crap.



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