Day 27 & 28 success in failure


I had a great weekend and I am going to talk about successes and “failure” on the journey. Though overall I am happy with the progress.


Saturday my kids woke up super early and were being super whiney. So I called a friend and asked if she wanted to hang out she said yep come on down I’m making breakfast.

Her pancakes are the best. She also had fresh pineapple. I picked out 3 small ones and drizzled just a little syrup. It was cheat but I was okay with that.

Her husband got home from work and agreed to watch all 6 children so we could run to the store. We grabbed subway. I really did not want a salad. So then I debated it’s a cheat anyways do I blow or try to do the best I can. I chose to do the best I could. I asked them to scoup out the center on the top and  bottom of the bread. I ordered the rotisserie  chicken, no cheese, and veggies, with a single strip of the southwest sauce. I felt this was a win!

We got back and she convinced me to go for a bike ride. I have not ridden a bike since I was probably about 10 years old. It was alot of fun. So now I need a bike and a trailer to put the baby in…so if you know someone nearby getting rid of one…

Dinner her husband said I was only one more mouth to feed and my kids eat like birds…sometimes. I brought Dream fields pasta to help mitigate the carbs. The sauce was an S making this meal a cross over.


For Sunday:

Not pictured… egg sausage and cheese…I was running late and in a hurry.

Lunch: cheesecake factory with two friends! Thanks for making me feel special ladies! I had already told myself that this was going to be a cheat but after Saturday and determined not to completely sabotage my progress I did not touch the bread (woohoo) I looked over the menu for something that looked good and would be yummy. I settled on edamame that we all split. And then their Thai lettuce wraps (AMAZING) probably not perfectly on plan…probably has a little sugar. And here is where I am super proud I DID NOT GET CHEESECAKE! seriously I thought about it and was like I am doing so good and I am not going to do this.

After lunch I went shopping and was able to buy a pair of shorts 2 sizes smaller than what I wore last summer. A shirt and a 1X instead of a 3X. And a dress to wear in Vegas in an 18 instead of a 24!

Dinner before Tim needed to head out again. We had applebees. I ordered the bourbon st chicken and shrimp with green beans instead of potatoes.

So I  eleven we have to live life to its fullest. Take small steps and make the best decisions we can in the moment. Was this weekend perfect THM no, do I feel like I ate better than I would have 30 days ago DEFINITELY! AND for that I am proud of myself. I know I can do this my mind is set. I will get healthy and I will stay healthy for me, my husband, and our kiddos.

Tomorrow is weigh in day. It is also the mark of week 4 and a new month so measurements and updated photos are coming.





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