Day 51, 4-25


I had mops brunch for breakfast. I stuck mostly to protien and had a small portion of a hash brown casserole. No sweets or breads.


For lunch I went with a friend for $2 pad thai.


I am not hungry tonight so I did not eat anything.

Tomorrow is a new day off to bed… 4:30 am hits early, but my first student is awesome and then I’ve got 3 brand new students!


Day 50, 4-24 Weigh In


I haven’t been the best the last week.  Its been like 75% eating right and 25% eating like garbage.  I have found that as long as I stay away from sugar I am okay.  My body cannot handle the sugar it seems.  Showing the addictive tendency of it and how horrible it actually is for us.


Despite not being on the best track I am down to 214.8!

I am going for $2 pad thai with a friend tomorrow and then I will be right back on track!

I will do my best to post this week.  It has been difficult to adjust to a new schedule of getting up at 4:30 am and trying to get to bed before 10pm.

I am interested to see what my measurements will be next week as some of my tight fitting clothes are now falling off.

Day 45, 4-19



I was hungry today! Like seriously couldn’t wait for the next 3 hour mark so I could eat.

Breakfast: ham, eggs, berries

Lunch: leftover chicken and wild rice soup

Afternoon: leftover chicken and veggies

Dinner: Bonsai steak, chicken, and shrimp and vegetables.

I was so proud that I didn’t eat the rice…I let Olivia eat it.


I’m back on track. I can do this! The goals are set…1 step closer with every meal. I deserve to be healthy.

Day 39 – 3-13



Breakfast (e): sourdough English muffin turkey and fat free cream cheese.

Lunch (crossover): chili

Dinner (e): zao Asian cafe chicken and brown rice bowl (it was really good!)

We went to a bees game which is why the short post because it’s 10:30 and I have to be up at 4 am to teach. I had a couple pretzel bites at the game (bleh not really worth it)!

NSV: the shorts I bought a couple weeks ago and they were a little bit tight are now falling off!

Day 38, 3-12


4 am is a hard time to wake up and be chipper if you are a night owl. But I did it! Definitely going to take time to adjust to this new schedule.


I ate some chicken, berries, and half a banana before teaching. After teaching I was so thankful my kids were still asleep so I got to rest for another hour!

I wasn’t hungry again til lunch time when I had some left over chili. Thank you Mary Visnovsky for giving this to me to put in the freezer it definitely helped today!


He thought he was so funny today because he was dipping his pretzels into his chili and he was laughing hysterically like he was getting away with something.

My red blood cell count is back in the danger zone after Vegas…ugh! He is giving my body a week to raise the count by 2% or I will need another transfusion.

This afternoon she and I made Confetti Cookie bars for church. I tried a small corner to make sure they tasted okay because I walked into her shaking the salt shaker into the bowl because she couldn’t fine the right measuring spoon.

For dinner I let Olivia pick because she was getting an award at Awana. She chose chickfila. I had a grilled chicken sandwich minus the bun…which I ate in the car as I was running a little behind or so I thought. In my mind it started at 6 not 6:30.


This little girl is so pretty and so smart. She was insistent that I curl her hair and let her have a little make up as she was getting an award. It got to the end and it was just her and Luca she was worried they forgot about her as her name was the last one called. They were called last because of all the cubbies they did two books this year. Memorizing 2 verses each week. I am so proud to be her mom.

I have 2 assessments to administer in the morning so I am off to bed.


Day 37, 3-11


Sometimes life is crazy…busy!

I started my day at 4:30am to teach a class. Then I got the kids up and headed to MOPS.


I hit the mcdonalds drive through because I didn’t think I could make it another 2 hours till the MOPS Easter brunch. I am going to have to figure out eating with teaching these classes.

Mops brunch not on plan but I picked out the egg dishes. I skipped most of the desserts. I did get 1 cheesecake bite and a cookie dough truffle…the cheesecake was not worth it and the cookie dough truffle though amazing wasn’t worth the torn up stomach from the sugar.

After MOPS I had a bunch of errands to run. One of which included ikea…I got two hot dogs and took off the bun…I don’t recommend this… blah. I am not 5 anymore that was grose.

For dinner I wasn’t really feeling much so I had 3 slices of turkey and some berries.

I also had to to Olivia’s schooling…she was struggling with reading tonight and I think Grayson sensed it because he kept giving her hugs and kisses.


They love each other for now!

I am off to bed early because I have 3 classes to teach so I have to be up at 4 am….😴 and it will be a log day with the Awana Award Ceremony tomorrow night!


Day 36, 3-10


Woohoo! I am down to 216.8!

I have felt terrible and had a ton to do today. For breakfast I had sausage. For dinner I ate roast beef from Arbys. That’s it today… like I said blah!

I miss my husband. I got an overdose this weekend and now I miss his presence. Only 3 more days then we get him for 3 days!


Tomorrow is our Easter Tea at MOPS. It’s my favorite meeting of the year!

I also have a class to teach at 5 am so I am off to bed.