Day 23, 3/28, UGH!


Okay, it’s been a crazy day! Seriously. I was running late this morning and left a bunch of stuff at home that I needed … including my phone and my breakfast. Hey I remembered the kids though!

I did jump on the scale and weighed 220.0! (Happy dance) Then it took me 95 minutes to get to MOPS because of traffic!

I got to MOPS and was starving by brunch but hey I am determined to do this so where I normally would gorge and eat tons of sweets I didnt. I filled 1/4 my plate with veggies, the protien dishes contained potato so I had small portions, I had a few strawberries and slices of kiwi. No donuts or cookies or muffins!!! Go me!

For lunch I swung into chick fil a for some reason the thought of a salad right now is repulsive. I ordered their grilled chicken club in lettuce and that was it. It was good but not nearly filling enough, but I managed.

Then I had a ton of errands to run with 2 cranky kids. After a couple hours in I was starving, instead of grabbing a candy bar or chips from the checkout I looked for beef jerry and had just a couple pieces to hold me over.

For dinner I made chicken and wild rice soup and ate two small bowls.

I have my final interview tonight at 1am so I am going to try to get some rest before hand.



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