Day 21, 3/26



Food Journal:

I have said it before and I will say it again. I am determined to make it work. I fell off with the Chinese yesterday but I got right back at it this morning!

Breakfast (fp): Turkey and berries on the way to church

Lunch (s): ham and munster on a wrap with strawberries in the car on the way to help a friend pack for day #2. I packed ahead of time so I could make it work. I didn’t want to hit a drive through and cave.

Snack (fp): Grilled chicken, cucumbers, tomatoes. Which I brought with me because that was part of the issue yesterday was not planning and being really hungry.

Dinner (e): I askedy husband to make this and he did layered crocpot balsamic chicken…this is a new favorite as it is now requested weekly. I was so thankful too because the friend we were helping pack invited us to black bear diner on her dime and I would not have stayed on plan there. It was easy to say no since I knew this was at home ready to go!

Tomorrow is an official weigh in! Tonight I’m off to bed. As tomorrow is another busy day!


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