Day 20, 3/25



Food journal:

Today I helped a friend pack almost all day and then I came home and did 5 hours of computer training. So all things considered I am happy with today.

Breakfast (s): mc Donald drive thru. 2 sausage, egg, and cheese hold the bread. This was good and filling on solid on plan.

Lunch (e): I brought my own so id be good. I resisted muffins, candy, and Nutella all day!

Dinner ( cheat-ish): I ordered kung pao chicken and egg drop soup for dinner which would have been an S. I did not eat a single bit of fried rice! I limited my self to 4 small pieces of sweet and sour chicken (my favorite) and I ate the egg roll but decided the cheese wontons were not worth it.


Grayson thought they were delicious and was quite irritated when they ran out.


It’s late and I’m headed to bed. Tomorrow is another crazy busy day.

Hoping the Chinese doesn’t set me back too far.


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