Day 14, 3/19



Food Journal:

Breakfast (FP): Berry Okra Smoothie
okay so these take me so long to get down. I ordered some jumbo straws today online and I am praying that will help me choke it down next week.

Lunch (S): Taco and blackberries
I took a pic of it opened up before I rolled it up.

Dinner (S): Grilled pork tenderloin with grilled zucchini onions and carrots and roasted brussel sprouts
This was so yummy and really hit the spot. I went back for second of veggies and 1 slice of pork.


I really have to figure out a way to eat more often on Sundays and not be so spaced out.  It leaves me really hungry. And it is harder to make good decisions.  I was proud of myself today my family wanted McDonalds, but I just came home and made the taco!

I can do this!  Tomorrow is weigh in day!


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