Day 13, 3/18 Back on Track



Breakfast was a scrambled egg and berries.

Then we headed out to Pleasant Grove for a hike at Battle Creek!


Here are some great pictures we took.  The kids did great! We had some amazing views of the waterfall and when you turn around a great look at the valley and Utah lake.

Afterwards we had some errands to run so we swung through the drive through at in and out.  I chose to go protein style so to stay on plan.  It took AMAZING restraint to hold Olivia’s fries and not to nibble them.

We got home and I rushed like crazy to get dinner done.  My family wanted spaghetti with meatballs instead of a meatball casserole.  I chose to just eat the meatballs and add a salad.
Here is the recipe for the meatballs I made.

After dinner we rushed out the door to get Olivia to her first dance recital.  She was the cutest little monkey, but it is very apparant that she dances to her own beat.  It was cute none the less!

I have tried and I have failed again at making the cupcakes in a mug. They are terrible.  If anyone has a tried and true taste like the real thing recipe send it my way.  This one I thought would be good, but it tasted terrible and got thrown out.

I have tried baking them or microwaving them; both terrible.  The texture is weird and the taste of these “healthy” versions have been dreadful.Oh well, I had a small bite threw it away and just decided not to find something different.

Tomorrow is another day!  I’ve got this.  Last, nights set back did not derail me!


2 thoughts on “Day 13, 3/18 Back on Track

  1. Cheryl

    I have not looked at the ingredients of Sugar-Free cake mix but wondering if it would be on plan. Make cupcakes and keep them in the freezer get one out as needed. Sounds too good to be true so probably is. That is awesome you passed on the french fries. Good job!


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