Day 12, 3/17 I blew it!


With THM they teach you to give yourself grace and start again in 3 hours which is what I am going to have to do today.

I started out great had 1 slice of toast with fat free cream cheese.

I resisted cupcakes and cookies at the pool!

For lunch I made a healthy version of the quesadilla.

Then my afternoon got super hectic.  I cannot go into details but it was quite the whirlwind and there is the possibility of some life changing decisions coming up.

So due to the madness dinner didn’t get made and we ordered a pizza.  I ordered my favorite philly steak pizza in a personal size.  I had 1 bit of the dessert pizza and decided it wasn’t worth the sugar.  I didn’t have a soda because that would be hard to reverse.  Tomorrow I will wake up and start again. I can do this.  I will get back on track when I open my eyes in the morning.

No photos because my phone is dead and I am too lazy to go grab the charger.




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