Day 10, 3/15



So I had a hard time getting up this morning. Don’t know why I feel like I slept pretty good, but I could not get up and get moving.

Once I did I warmed up some leftover sausage balls and scrambled a couple eggs for breakfast.  I had to get going on Olivia’s school work and then I cleaned the house up and washed laundry.

Lunch was left overs from last night.

So I text my husband because we had plans to meet for dinner I was craving a burger; but I didn’t want to cheat.  He suggested In and Out protein style.  It was good and I suggested a salad and berries from home instead of fries.  So this meal stayed on plan as an S!

Okay so now I have to admit I am meeting with Aunty Flo despite my IUD; UGH! It is impacting my cravings I think!  So after Awana I was craving pizza and chocolate.  Pretty normal during my cycle.  Typically this would mean swinging through Little Caesars (or baking a totinos) and a stop at the gas station for a couple candy bars (you could probably count on a soda too).  Tonight I chose to head home and just make my own and I had 3 small squares of the coconut lily bar and 2 small squares of an almond lily bar.  So I took a look at the nutrition facts.

Totinos                                    Mine
fat 36g                                      fat 15 g
net carb 70g                           net carb 6g (didn’t realize tomato sauce had some)
sugar 8                                     sugar 1 g

King Size Twix                       portion of Lily’s
fat 23g                                       fat <2g
net carb 61g                             net carb <1g
sugar 45g                                    0g

So I feel like even though this approaches crossover territory it is way better than if I had cheated and I can eat it occasionally and not feel the guilt of the totinos and twix.

I am determined to get healthy.  I want to be under 200 by my birthday in August.  I can do it!


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