Day 9 3-14


It was a MOPS day and it was hectic. But Family Fued went off without a hitch and I think all the ladies had a blast!

I started my day off super early and thanks to my husband for taking on kid duty so they did not have to be up just as early!


Food Journal:

Breakfast (e): sprouted toast with fat free cream cheese

MOPS BRUNCH (S): I was so excited for my NSV (not scale victory) I easily resisted the potato dishes, breads, and sweets! I made the egg casserole and sausage balls so I know they were on plan. I figured a salad and fruit was an okay addition.

Lunch (S): Southwest Salad from chick fil a.

Dinner (E): Layered Crocpot Balsamic Chicken. Husband approved now!

Going to bed! Tomorrow is a new beginning. If you have a goal to be healthy take 1 step towards it tomorrow.


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