Day 5, 3/10


Another Busy day. Got up and put away laundry and did school with Olivia before we had to run out the door to the consignment sale! I drank my choco secret big boy on the way!


Finished at 9:45.

After getting some great deals we grabbed lunch at CFA (Chick-fil-a) on our way to the aquarium.


To keep it an E I ate the wrap dry. And I dipped my fork in the dressing for the salad. I didn’t eat a large portion of the wrap itself.


Dinner was early at 5 to keep it within the 4 hour window.20170310_170638

Shrimp Stir-fry I kept it as an S with just shrimp and veggies.


At 8:30 I was hungry again so I made a chicken and black bean quesadilla with a quesadilla sauce and a kiwi.



Overall today went well. For the first time all week I was hungry all day. I felt full after eating but within an hour I was hungry. I stuck to it and made it work!


Off to bed ( sorry for the choppy writing, uploading from my phone tonight)


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