Day 25, 3-30



I woke up feeling very blah today…I’m blaming the pizza. I didn’t have much of an appetite and I didn’t feel like cooking. Instead of reverting to old ways and grabbing junk, I stayed on plan.

Breakfast (e): I warmed up leftover soup.

Lunch (e): Chicken, broccoli, and brown rice casserole. I used fat free cream cheese and a little bit of skim mozzarella.

Snack (fp): I had a few slices of turkey and this Bai kola. It was good and on plan . They will have to be a very rare treat as they are $$$

Dinner (fp): Grilled chicken with a little bbq sauce and some berries

Tomorrow is another day.




Day 24, 3-29



I was under 220 today!!! This is 25 lbs lost since I started the day after Christmas.

Breakfast (s): 1 egg and a few pieces of sausage

Lunch (s): okay so we wanted to go out for lunch and try somewhere local since he took the day off. We went to chubbys it was Amazing. The staff was so friendly and accommodated my request for my Philly cheese steak on a bed of lettuce and offered a side salad over fries!

Dinner (s): This was a planned cheat. I had a salad and split the pizza with a friend.

Not sure if I will still be under 220 in the morning but I am happy with staying on plan for lunch and limiting the cheat at dinner.

Oh AND I GOT THE JOB! I am officially teaching English to Chinese students.

Day 23, 3/28, UGH!


Okay, it’s been a crazy day! Seriously. I was running late this morning and left a bunch of stuff at home that I needed … including my phone and my breakfast. Hey I remembered the kids though!

I did jump on the scale and weighed 220.0! (Happy dance) Then it took me 95 minutes to get to MOPS because of traffic!

I got to MOPS and was starving by brunch but hey I am determined to do this so where I normally would gorge and eat tons of sweets I didnt. I filled 1/4 my plate with veggies, the protien dishes contained potato so I had small portions, I had a few strawberries and slices of kiwi. No donuts or cookies or muffins!!! Go me!

For lunch I swung into chick fil a for some reason the thought of a salad right now is repulsive. I ordered their grilled chicken club in lettuce and that was it. It was good but not nearly filling enough, but I managed.

Then I had a ton of errands to run with 2 cranky kids. After a couple hours in I was starving, instead of grabbing a candy bar or chips from the checkout I looked for beef jerry and had just a couple pieces to hold me over.

For dinner I made chicken and wild rice soup and ate two small bowls.

I have my final interview tonight at 1am so I am going to try to get some rest before hand.


Day 22, 3/27 Weigh In!



Food Journal:

Breakfast (s): ham and eggs

Lunch (fp): Turkey and vegetable soup.

Dinner (fp): spaghetti squash and sauce

My timing was off today but I did good. Tim even brought home a pack of peanut butter m&ms and I didn’t even have one. He isnt used to Grayson being allergic to peanuts yet.


Weigh In 222.0 lbs which is down .8 lbs from last week. I think the Chinese food has me holding on to some water.


Night, tomorrow is another crazy day!

Day 21, 3/26



Food Journal:

I have said it before and I will say it again. I am determined to make it work. I fell off with the Chinese yesterday but I got right back at it this morning!

Breakfast (fp): Turkey and berries on the way to church

Lunch (s): ham and munster on a wrap with strawberries in the car on the way to help a friend pack for day #2. I packed ahead of time so I could make it work. I didn’t want to hit a drive through and cave.

Snack (fp): Grilled chicken, cucumbers, tomatoes. Which I brought with me because that was part of the issue yesterday was not planning and being really hungry.

Dinner (e): I askedy husband to make this and he did layered crocpot balsamic chicken…this is a new favorite as it is now requested weekly. I was so thankful too because the friend we were helping pack invited us to black bear diner on her dime and I would not have stayed on plan there. It was easy to say no since I knew this was at home ready to go!

Tomorrow is an official weigh in! Tonight I’m off to bed. As tomorrow is another busy day!

Day 20, 3/25



Food journal:

Today I helped a friend pack almost all day and then I came home and did 5 hours of computer training. So all things considered I am happy with today.

Breakfast (s): mc Donald drive thru. 2 sausage, egg, and cheese hold the bread. This was good and filling on solid on plan.

Lunch (e): I brought my own so id be good. I resisted muffins, candy, and Nutella all day!

Dinner ( cheat-ish): I ordered kung pao chicken and egg drop soup for dinner which would have been an S. I did not eat a single bit of fried rice! I limited my self to 4 small pieces of sweet and sour chicken (my favorite) and I ate the egg roll but decided the cheese wontons were not worth it.


Grayson thought they were delicious and was quite irritated when they ran out.


It’s late and I’m headed to bed. Tomorrow is another crazy busy day.

Hoping the Chinese doesn’t set me back too far.

Day 19, 3/24



For Breakfast (S): 2 slices of ham, eggs (which Grayson ate half of) and some berries (which he also ate about half of!)

For Lunch (S): Taco Salad

For afternoon snack (fp): turkey, strawberries, and left over green beans.

For Dinner (e): Grilled Chicken with a little big of bbq sauce; corn, and grilled veggies (zucchini, broccoli, red bell pepper, and carrots.


I weighed myself today and I was down to 220.6!  Hoping to be under 220 by Monday!

I interviewed for an online teaching position and made it past the first interview. Time to study up for number two!


Tomorrow is a buy day so I am off to bed!