Day 158, February 6th


So today sucked.  I got to work to be told that I am not loving enough and they had to let me go.  I feel like this came out of total left field so it had me pretty bummed out this morning.  I know from observance and some things that I have heard through the grapevine is what it probably boiled down to is that they over hired (ie why they let me leave early Monday) and I was the only new person that has a child that requires childcare (so technically speaking I make a lot more money)

Oh well it is what it is and I know everything is in God’s hands and happens for a reason.  I will be okay just bummed out because we had our financial goals set in place and now we are having to re-evaluate everything.

So how did I do today.

Drink at least 64 oz of water, but shooting for 80 oz. 80 oz and counting.

Steps: minimum goal 8750 steps a day, striving for 10,000.  15438!

Food tracking: breakfast – nothing, lunch ham and cheese sandwich at home. Then being bummed I wanted to get out so met Marie and Cafe Rio and ordered some chips with salsa and guacamole. For dinner I had planned to have twice baked spaghetti but Tim and Olivia finished it off.  He was still hungry and it was 8 pm (post workout and chatting with a friend) so I went to Sonic (wa-wa-wa) I had a cheeseburger.

Workouts: I got one in today.  I met a friend from the daycare and we walked the track for about an hour or so somewhere between 2 and 3 miles.

And as you can see I posted today; woohoo!  I also began to file our taxes, but because we sold our home last year I have to wait for an additional form to be available on Feb 13 before I can finish filing.  Unless that money changes something we should get a small refund!  I am going to get off here tonight and get to bed because I have to be up early to get out and look at houses.

**So excited Tim will be home next week!  I am trying to schedule two workouts for Monday Zumba Tone in the morning and walking with a friend in the evening.


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