Day 157, February 5th


Drink at least 64 oz of water, but shooting for 80 oz. 66 oz and counting.

Steps: minimum goal 8750 steps a day, striving for 10,000.  Today I walked my tushy off 14,488 and I will have another couple hundred more by the time I go to bed!

Food tracking: breakfast – cheese stick, lunch KFC 3 piece strip meals with beans and slaw (I know I shouldn’t have; I had 4 phone calls I had to try to squeeze in on my break and I didn’t have time to cook too)  I didn’t have lunch at the school because I took my break early during the  kids lunch time, for dinner I had a big plate of homemade spaghetti (it was delicious)

Workouts: not today, but I have plans to go walk with a co-worker tomorrow night.

And as you can see I posted today; woohoo!  Now I have to go because Olivia is finally asleep (at 11pm) I have two more loads of laundry to finish and this mountain of paperwork to go through.

20150205_223000 (2)On the plus side we got our last W-2 today so I can file our taxes (will not happen tonight), praying we get a little bit back.


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