Day 154, Feb 2nd


I am going to try reporting a little differently this month.  I have my goals and I am going to write about how I did with each one daily.

Drink at least 64 oz of water, but shooting for 80 oz.  I hit 68 oz so far, but I will probably have a little bit more.

Steps: minimum goal 8750 steps a day.  Today was kind of an off day.  I got to work and I was going to be extra all day so they asked if I would like to go home.  Score, but that means I wasn’t as active during the day.  When Tim got home from work I was at 7500 steps after dinner we went outside and played some basketball and Olivia and I walked a few laps around the apartment because I am striving to hit 10,000. 11,474 is where I am resting at tonight.

Food tracking: breakfast – ugh I have to get in the habit again.  I had a piece of peanut butter and jelly toast.  For a mid morning snack I had a cheese stick before being sent home from work.  For lunch since I was off and Tim was in town we ate together.  He picked this Japanese place – never again!  I ordered teriyaki chicken breast that came with white rice and a salad.  The salad was great!  The teriyaki chicken breast was actually thigh (bleh) and I ate maybe a half cup of rice.  For dinner I made ham with mashed potatoes, green beans and a roll. 20150202_175704

I also prepped all of my meals for the rest of this week: homemade chicken noodle soup tomorrow, spaghetti wed, 15 bean soup for thurs, and I’ll either have lasagna or chicken on fri/sat.  I think this may be key to me actually eating at home when Tim is gone.  If you have an good crocpot recipes please send them my way!

As I was prepping all the food I made this discovery:


My bar pan from pampered chef which is one of the things in my kitchen that I really cannot live without had a crack in it.  And it wasn’t a small crack it was a big one.  When I picked it up and put down on the table it broke in two.  :'{  Good thing a friend of mine is throwing a pampered chef party next week so I can replace it!

Workouts: not a technical one today… I did go out and shoot hoops for 15 minutes and walked laps about 15 minutes.

And as you can see I posted today; Tim leaves tomorrow and I have a staff meeting tomorrow night at work.  Thanks for following and being encouraging!


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