Day 153, Feb 1st


Depressed, but re-motivated.  So this month was a total bust. I mean I failed at almost all of my goals.

The only goals I stuck too.

Savings Chart $10 done and successful!

Work towards paying off credit cards $1019 down.

Now Blogging Goals:

Weight Loss –  UGH. I started the month at 203.  I hit my low this month at 199.4 and then I ricocheted back up at 203.8.  I think this number is slightly inflated due to Chinese food for dinner last night, but it’s what the scale said this morning.

Inches Lost/Gain

Day 122 Day 153
Weight 203 203.8 0.8
Waist 44 44 0
Hip 42.75 43.75 1
Bust 36.5 38 1.5
R Arm 13 12 -1
L Arm 12.75 12 -0.75
R Thigh 24 23.5 -0.5
L Thigh 23.25 23.25 0

I have a net gain of .25 inches; you gain it and lose in your breast an bum first.

Chart Food – Nope.  I might have done a few days at the beginning of the month.

Eat out less – missed this one terribly I feel like I ate out almost everyday this month. I know it wasn’t that bad, but it was horrible.  I also drank soda so I get to start back at square one in February with drinking all my water.  I also will be suffering from caffeine withdrawal and headaches over the next few days.

2 workouts per week.  Yea I didn’t do a single workout in January.  I am finally starting to feel okay so hoping I can pickup something in February.  Tonight I played some basketball with Tim and ran around with Olivia for a bit.

300,000 steps in January.  I made it to 246,160.  That was an avg of 7941 a day and my goal was 9678 per day.  I missed it by 1737 step per day, most of this is due to 3 or 4 days I spent in bed not doing anything.

So overall I am depressed with what happened in January.  I let myself fall back into wayward ways.  The last few days I have started to feel human again as far as sinus junk, but then I have felt crummy because I have eaten like crap and been very dehydrated due to the sodas.

So I feel like I am starting back at square one from September due to the back slide.  The benefit is that I am at least 27.4 pounds lighter than I was on September 2nd when I started the journey.  Here are my goals for February:

Drink at least 64 oz of water, but shooting for 80 oz.

Steps: My minimum is going to be to beat what I did last month by 10% so I am shooting for 8750 steps a day though I would like to try and hit 10,000.  I am off to a good start tonight I am at 10,362.

With meals being eaten at work which we are encouraged to do so that the children will eat what is served I think it will be difficult to track everything through my fitness pal, but I am going to do the best that I can.  I am going to try to not eat out more then a couple times this month.

Workouts: My goal is to hit at least 8 that makes it two a week. Hoping to not get sick again this month.

I am going to try to post daily, but making no promises. Tim was gone 21 days in January. He will be gone 19 days in February.  Wish me luck because January didn’t go so well.


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