Day 145, January 24th


I was at 199 even this morning!

I missed my first day of work yesterday 😦 due to a stomach bug of some sort.  12 hours of unrelenting gut issues was no fun.  Olivia came in my room around lunch and asked if I could take her to school because I was boring.  At least I know she likes going there a little, lol!

I felt much better today and went on into work.  It was also my first pay day which has made the last 3 weeks worth it to pay off another $500 in debt!  We have big goals this year and I am determined to make it!  We paid off a total of $1091 in debt during January.  Our goal for February is $1500 (not including tax money (who knows still waiting on paperwork) or a pension payout I am supposed to receive on Feb 1 from a job I had before I had Olivia)

So since I was sick yesterday I didn’t eat much at all.  I managed to eat crackers last night.  Today I had an apple, a ham and cheese sandwich, and a large bowl of stew.

Again I have not exercised this week because I have been sick. Please oh please let this sickness come to an end!

Yesterday I managed 1210 steps between the bed and the bathroom; however I made up for it today at 15097 steps.  I worked on deep cleaning our kitchen tonight after work.  I moved the fridge and stove; I also mopped the floor on my hands and knees.  I am feeling like our house is really dirty so I am going to work on deep cleaning tomorrow too.

Tim came home to me in my crazed state of cleaning mode and laughed saying if you are pregnant I won’t be surprised in the least you got this way when you got pregnant with Olivia too.

It gave me a good laugh and I told him I need him home more often if baby number 2 is to head this way anytime soon!


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