Day 139, Jan 18



YEA I did it! I am under 200!

Like I said yesterday this was quite a shocker for me because I felt like I ate like crap all week. Then I sat back and said well I did great each day until dinner.  I had either a protein shake or bar for breakfast. Then I had a salad with grilled chicken 4 days. One day I had about 1/2 cup of pasta at the child care center in addition to the salad and on the other day I had 1 hot dog and 2 onion rings.  However I blew it at dinner:

Monday – we had a chicken casserole dish

Tuesday – Pizza

Wednesday – Subway

Thursday – Pad Thai (that was gross).

Friday – nothing.

Yesterday: I had Chick-fil-a Grilled Chicken Sandwich, a small fry and a coke and then for dinner Marie made an amazing chicken parmsean, with baked potato, green beans and asparagus (that I actually liked). I also had a small portion of chocolate cake.

Today: I had an in and out burger with a few fries for lunch (yea Tim is home and it was his choice). For dinner we had a Mom’s Night Out at church. They served pizza and salad.  I had probably the equivalent of 2 slices of veggie pizza (they were cut in tiny squares). I had some salad and one cookie.

Overall I feel like I had a crappy week. I felt horrible, Tim was gone (read Olivia and I slept like crud), and I am still trying to adjust to work.  I planned meals that required WAY to much work thus I ate out.  This week I planned not amazingly healthy meals but they require very little work so at least I will eat at home.

Steps for the week.

Monday- 9265

Tuesday – 8507

Wednesday – 10730

Thursday – 12885

Friday – 9938

Saturday- 8866

Sunday – 5333

Overall not so bad this week. I don’t think I will hit my goal of 310,000 steps for the month because I would have to go over 13,600 a day for the rest of the month.  If I ever get over this sinus junk then I will hit the gym again. It has been two weeks of blah and I need to get to feeling better.

I will try to post regularly this week, but I make no promises. As it is week # 2 without Tim and a very full work week still feeling all stuffed up.  I pray a big storm comes through and knocks out the inversion.


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