Day 135, January 14


Sorry I did not post yesterday; I am not feeling great and by the time I get done at work I am very drained.  Tim is gone this week for work so its a 40 hour work week and all parental and house responsibilities are on me.  YEA!  I feel very sorry for single parents; it isn’t easy!

Yesterday meal choices

Brunch – at mops (didn’t make the best choices) I had 2 chicken minis and 1/4 of a bagel along with fruit and veggies! I also had a chocolate chip cookie which was worth every bite!

Dinner I swung through Little Caesars after work (woo) wasn’t super proud about this but I was at a -5 on the energy tank and the thought of cooking and then having to clean the kitchen wasn’t happening.

Today I made better choices.

Breakfast – protein bar

Lunch – salad w/ grilled chicken

Dinner – Subway turkey and ham w/ baked cheddar and sour cream chips.

I had a CPR / First Aid training class tonight.  I passed with 100% so I am now certified.  It was also the last of the training that I am required to get within my first 30 days of employment.

Olivia went to Marie’s (thank you) and had dinner and played with her girls.  She also got her first temporary tattoos (I am not a fan of them!)  Her and Katie put 3 on and I took 2 off when we got home.  She chose to keep the butterflies on her hand.

Right now I am liking work, if I could ever get over this cold then I think I’d be good.  Head congestion with severe head aches and mixing with little kids is rough!  I have a few things to do for MOPS provided my sleeping pills don’t kick in first and I have to pay a couple bills.

Please pray that I can get a grasp of the new schedule and get to feeling better so that I can get back on track with eating right and exercise.


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