Day 132, January 11th


Sorry I haven’t posted in the last couple of days.  I came home Friday night and went straight to bed.  I felt really bad.

Yesterday was not much better.  I managed to make a grocery plan for this week, but that was all.  I had a biscuit for breakfast and Tim took Olivia to chick fil a to get out of the house since I hadn’t left bed all day.  He brought back an 8 count nugget and some fries.

Today, I didn’t get out of bed til 10:30, but then we went to the grocery store.  I had a spicy McChicken for lunch while shopping.  Then I came home and prepped all the food for this week and cleaned up the apartment.  We are still working on getting laundry caught up.

I weighed in this morning at 202 even.  I am okay with this number.  I haven’t eaten great this week and I have not worked out at all.  I hope I can get back on track this week.

For dinner tonight Tim grilled a flank steak and I made roasted potatoes and broccoli.  I also made a spinach, strawberry, and pecan salad.  It was all delicious, but I didn’t add up the calories.

Last week was an adjustment for the whole family to have me back at work.  I felt like it all went pretty smoothly.  I am worried about the next two weeks since Tim will leave tomorrow and only be home on Sunday the 18th.

Steps for the month: 67579 I should be at 110,000.  I need to walk 12122 a day to reach my goal by the end of January.  Hoping I start to feel better so I can get in a few workouts too.


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