Day 129, January 8th


So yesterday I was putting together a photo book for Olivia to have at preschool of people who loved her.  I was looking through old photos to pull ones of me and Tim along with the rest of our extended family.  I ran across this picture that made me realize just how much weight I have lost.


We took this photo in July just before leaving Arkansas to head to Utah.

So I was dragging this morning and really did not want to hear the sound of the blender so I just ate a protein bar for breakfast.

For lunch I had some of the fried rice that I made last night utilizing the leftovers.


I ended up only eating a third of it.

For dinner I put chili on last night to be ready tonight:


And I had one cornbread muffin which was almost as many calories as the chili.

Here are today’s totals:

1132 calories

24% fat

53% carb

23% protein

steps 9592

water 60 oz

Tomorrow’s game plan

shake for breakfast, not sure for lunch yet I was asked to go out to eat with a co-worker, dinner breakfast night

Thanks for following I will post more tomorrow…


One thought on “Day 129, January 8th

  1. It is really crazy looking at previous pictures of you! You’re beautiful now, but you were also beautiful then. The differences that I notice are more about how energetic you look, how your skin looks so bright, and how you smile a lot more. Before you started on this journey, you just had so much less energy. You’re doing such a great job!


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