Day 128, January 7th


Okay so I had intended on posting longer, but I had a lot of difficulty last night shutting my brain off so I took a sleep aid about an hour ago so it would have time to kick in.  I had a priority list of things that needed to get done and sorry  tonight this was on the bottom of the list.

I tracked what I ate today, but it was a little hectic and I didn’t get around to putting dinner into my fitness pal so I don’t know the totals for the day.

Breakfast 1 piece of toast with peanut butter and jelly.


Lunch at the child care center was tacos.  I did a very small less than a cup of salad with a couple tablespoons of very bland taco meat on top.  I skipped the tortilla.

For my lunch I had leftover potato soup from last night.

For dinner we worked together to make shrimp tacos.


One has the coconut sour cream sauce and one doesn’t.  I never thought I would say this but I like the fish tacos we made better.

I chose to take the shrimp and make a rice stir fry for lunch tomorrow instead force myself to eat another one of the tacos.

I was still legitimately hungry and so was Tim as he did not care much for them either. So he made a pizza and I grabbed a slice of it.

I made it through all the pertinent info!  Like I said above no clue on calories.

Steps 8951 (getting closer to the 10k mark) I will be so glad when I feel better and can breathe normal again.

Water 60 oz

Tomorrow’s game plan

protein shake, homemade shrimp and vegetable fried rice, and chili for dinner.


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