Day 126, January 5th – First Day Back to Work


I think today would have been better if I felt better.  My head is still pounding, but I’m hanging in there and going to turn in early tonight.  I started of the morning watching training videos, then reading manuals, and lastly observing a lead teacher instruct the 3 turning 4 year olds.

For breakfast I made the oatmeal protein shake and finished it before heading out the door at 8.

For a morning snack I had grapes and a cheese stick.

For lunch I warmed up left over BBQ chicken that Tim made last night and steamed a zucchini.


Yum! It was delicious.

This afternoon I didn’t have a snack :/  I was hungry when I got home; good thing I put dinner in the crocpot before going to work this morning.


It’s a mexican chicken recipe and I put it over 1 cup of jasmine rice.  Tim prefers to put his in a tortilla shell.  If you are interested in the recipe you can find it here.

I was going to try and attend Zumba tonight, but considering just walking up the stairs is leaving me very winded at the moment and I am congested I decided to skip it.  As soon as I am feeling better I will be trying to work something in.

Today’s Totals

Calories 1629

Fat 20%

Carb 46% (oatmeal and rice)

Protein 34%

Steps 7515 (much better than yesterdays 667, since tracking I have never been under 3000 steps – guess that is what happens when you are truly laid up in bed)

Water 80+


2 thoughts on “Day 126, January 5th – First Day Back to Work

    • Thank you, Lydia for checking in on my blog. My husband really hates croc-pot meals, but this one got his approval and our little girl loved it too. I have a few readers that want to know where I get new recipes from so I have been trying to do better about linking to them. It was really an amazing dish and for our small family we have enough for lunch tomorrow and a whole meal went into the freezer too. This is a new meal to add into our rotation; for me the biggest perk is I usually have all of the ingredients to make this on hand.


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