Day 124, Date Night! (Pics of me!)


So I had my orientation this morning at work 🙂 I am so excited to get started, but so nervous about how Olivia is going to handle it all.  Here is me all ready for my first day of work.

2015-01-03 07.14.54

The scarf I am wearing is the one I made yesterday!  I took this simple chocolate protein shake and drank it in the car on the way.

20150103_073117I didn’t want to run the blender and wake up my family who was still snoozing away when I left the house.

During orientation I chose to have a protein bar I brought from home over the debbie snack cakes that were provided.  I knew I needed save some caloric room for dinner tonight.

I came home and ate left over chicken parm for lunch.


Not the healthiest option and not as good as yesterday, but hey it was free and not take out!

After that we cleaned the apartment, how Tim and Olivia destroyed in the 2 hours they were awake I have no idea.

I then got ready for dinner.  I asked Tim to take a picture because I felt sexy for the first time in awhile.


He felt it was a little risque, but he is ALOT more conservative than I am and I felt pretty and that I was plenty covered.  However I froze my legs off with it being 28 degrees outside and having to walk 6 blocks to the symphony from dinner.

I didn’t take pictures at dinner because it was a fancy Brazilian restaurant and I thought that might be a little weird.  I ate a big romaine and tomato salad with balsamic vinaigrette.  I also grabbed some of shrimp that was amazing and I sampled couscous which I liked and Tabbouleh which I didn’t.  I also tried a piece of smoked salmon from Tim and it was good and one spoonful of lobster bisque (not a huge fan).  This was all from the salad bar.

Then we flipped our little cards over from red to green and all these gauchos (men) showed up at our table with all kinds of roasted meat.  This is the list in order from most favorite to least favorite.  Filet Mignon, Flank Steak, Pork Tenderloin, Top Sirloin,  Filet Mignon wrapped in bacon, not favorites — chicken wrapped in bacon, Parmesan crusted chicken leg, and I did not try the lamb – I do not like it.   The biggest thing is they bring it to you until you tell them to stop the filet mignon was amazing!  So now I am pretty sure with all these meats I met my protein goal and then some for the days.  As sides they had mashed potatoes (I had a few bites) and bananas foster (I did not due to cinnamon).  Also they had these mini rolls; I had one.

Tim ordered a cheesecake ~ I ate a couple bites.  Our waiter Eli was also amazing.  We performed our first R.A.K. this year.  Every year Tim and I try to do things throughout the year for people when we feel like God is calling us to do so.  God has blessed us and we try to bless others in return.  Eli is trying to get into a competitive Computer Science program at the U and is working to pay for his college to minimize the amount of student loans he has to take out.  Tim wrote a 20% tip on the check and put an extra $40 in cash with a note saying pay it forward when you can.  We had people who helped us while we were in school so this was an incident we really felt called to help in.  If you would please say a short prayer for Eli and his journey.

Eli told us that we unknowingly had picked a great place to park and eat at in refernece to where we were going to the symphony. The restaurant was 6 blocks from the hall so we left our car and headed over.  We headed out through the shopping center after dinner and no date night is complete without a couples photo (in front of a cool fountain) and shopping for your kiddo.


Gymboree had an amazing sale going on; I got Olivia 5 shirts, some flamingo jammies (she told me in the shower the other day they were her favorite), and a skirt.  Total cost $30; that is cheaper than resale prices!!!

We finally arrived at the hall and I was shivering we handed over our tickets.  4th ROW


Yea we were really close; snapped this photo as they were warming up.  The symphony was amazing.  Tim and I learned the difference between an orchestra, symphony, and a philharmonic on the way home- I was curious.  If you are too, you can read the article – here.

The problem with sitting this close is that its loud, really loud – I have a bad headache now.  The seating felt like high school auditorium style very close and compact.  We enjoyed the music and can now say we went to they symphony, however not something I am anxious to do again.  I would much rather see a play where the orchestra plays the music for it.

Olivia did well for Carly the baby sitter- but she wouldn’t go to sleep for her.  I really didn’t expect her too though; she went down for Tim in less than 10 minutes.

Calories – don’t know too many

Steps – 9109 (closer to 10k)

Water 70 oz

Here is my plan tomorrow:

Sunday, January 4
8:30 Breakfast eggs
11:30 Am Snack protein bar
2:30 Lunch pad thai
5:30 Pm Snack almonds
8:30 Dinner BBQ Chicken, grilled veggies
11:30 Late Snack Greek Yogurt

Now its 1 am and I need to head to bed.


One thought on “Day 124, Date Night! (Pics of me!)

  1. I have such fond memories of the symphony. Grandma Carol used to play for them, for 30 years. Great dress, so happy to see you and Tim smiling and looking great together


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