Day 123, When dinner fails January 2nd


I started of the morning snuggling a sickly little girl, but by this afternoon she was feeling much better.

20150102_081910She just wanted to snuggle with mommy so that’s what we did.


Then I made a protein smoothie and took her to the doctor. She did not like the mask, but loved that they had a nemo fish tank complete with a Nemo and a Dory!  She got an all clear from the doctor.  They wanted to check her for a UTI so I tried to get her to pee in a cup (didn’t work).  Her funny words for the day, sitting on the potty hysterical “I am a big girl, I have to pee pee in the potty not a cup. If I don’t pee in the potty my mom will give me spanking.”


Like I said by this afternoon she was feeling much better and got up to color, she is starting to work really hard on staying in the lines.  It is so cute.

For lunch I made chicken parm out of left overs.


It was AMAZING and it was 692.  Not light, but lighter than the Olive Garden version at 1090 calories.

This afternoon, I picked up the house, worked on a meal plan, crocheted a scarf, and worked on letter recognition with Olivia.  I also got some more snuggles.  Today is my last day as a stay at home mom for awhile, makes me kind of sad and kind of excited.  I have orientation tomorrow.

For dinner I prepared what looked like an amazing meal, but as you know it failed!


Scallops (not a fan of the texture), I will try them fresh and cooked differently next time.  The risotto really not sure what happened it tasted awful.  I think i may have added to much broth because it was incredibly grainy.  The broccoli was edible and I ate it.  However, what do you eat when you need groceries in order to make a complete meal.  We went a picked up a pizza.


2 slices and 500 calories later… I am not doing so great on my first official tracking day of the year.


Total Calories 1584

Protein 30 %

Fat 29 %

Carb 41%

Steps 3862 (not anywhere near 10,000)

Water 80+

Here is my game plan for tomorrow:

Saturday, January 3
Breakfast protein shake
Am Snack almonds
Lunch left overs
Pm Snack grapes, cheese, jerky
Dinner Brazilian Restaurant
Late Snack Greek Yogurt

Like I said tomorrow I have orientation and then I will come home and get ready for a big date night with the hubby.  (Stay tuned for my amazing dress). He got us tickets from work to see New Year’s in Vienna at the Utah Symphony.  We are going to go eat at Brazilian Restaurant before hand.  This is the first time we are leaving Olivia with a “real” baby sitter, wish us all luck!


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