Day 122, Happy New Year


We started off the morning with a sick kiddo 😦 Hope she gets to feeling better soon. Since she is not normally a cuddly baby, I know she is really not feeling good when she asks for me to rock her and she falls asleep.  This is the first time she has been sick and consciously aware and able to vocalize. “My ear hurts; My nose is running; My head hurts” I have heard this all day!


I was still able to get a few things done today.  I went to Lifeway and picked up a The One Year Chronological Bible; it is one of my new year’s resolutions to spend more time in the word and I have found a great accountability partner for this task.

Among my other new year’s resolutions are tons of financial ones: the first of which is why I am going to work, to pay off our debt, we are starting with the credit cards, then we would like to buy a house, save for a trip to see family, pay off Tim’s car, and lastly save for if we get pregnant.


If you know me I am one for lists, lots of lists, visual reminders of our goals.  So this is our new art!  We also have a reminder on our mantel.

20150101_180745Jar on the left with the black label holds are money from the 52 week money challenge which we plan to use for a trip home.  By the end of the year we will have $1378.  The jar on the right we are going to record funny things that Olivia says or things we want to remember. We are going to go through them on New Year’s Eve.  Today I put in Olivia saying, “Mom please leave me alone, I just have to poop.”

Now for my goals that I actually blog about.  I have two for the year.  I would like to end the year weighing 150 pounds or less.  I would also like to continue doing cardio workouts and add in more strength training.  I will continue posting smaller monthly goals and update daily on the progress of said goals.  My last thing I would like to do this year is photo document my weight loss journey with pictures of me.  For awhile now I have really hated having my picture taken, I am hoping this will ease up as I lose more weight.  Here is January 1’s photo:


Now for January’s Goals- basically this month I will be in survival mode.  I am starting a full time job and Tim is going to be gone A LOT.

1. Weight Loss – still searching to get under 200.  I weighed in at 203 this morning. I am going to weigh in on Sunday’s this month.

2. Continue charting food via my fitness pal also tracking fat, carb, and protein. (I am going to try to continue eating at regular intervals with protein at every meal. I am going to report percentages for the macro-nutrients and try to average around 33 % for each)

3. Eat out less (shooting for once or twice a week at most). I would like to limit my splurge meals to no more than 2 a week as well.

4. 2 workouts a week.  I am keeping this number realistic with a crazy schedule ahead of me but I will strive to achieve more.  I am hoping start up in a Fit Moms group in January taught by Marie, just waiting on the details.

5. Reach 300,000 steps.

Those are my goals for the month.

Lastly, here are my statistics (I found my tape measure)

Day 90 Day 122
Weight 207.8 203 -4.8
Waist 45 44 -1
Hip 42.75 42.75 0
Bust 37.5 36.5 -1
R Arm 13 13 0
L Arm 13.25 12.75 -0.5
R Thigh 24 24 0
L Thigh 24.25 23.25 -1

I lost a total of 3.5 inches in January and 4.8 pounds. Since the beginning I have lost a total of 36 inches!  I have been wondering lately why my bras are so lose.  The cups seem to fit, but the bands are lose.  That is because I have lost 7 inches total in my bust.

Thank you again for following my journey.

Here is my plan for tomorrow:

Friday, January 2
Breakfast protein shake
Am Snack almonds
Lunch pan seared chicken parm
Pm Snack cheese, jerky, and an apple
Dinner sea scallops, risotto, broccoli
Late Snack greek yogurt

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