Day 121, December 31st


If you live in Utah watch out for the killer icicles.  We started off the morning at 3 degrees.  It is amazing how a 10 degree warm up to 13 degrees make all the difference.


I cannot find my flexible tape measure :/ ugh!  I wanted to see what I had lost in inches for December, but I will just have to save that for another day — when it turns up!

I weighed in at 202 this morning.  I didn’t reach the goal of being under 200, but I still had a weight loss of 5.8 lbs during the month of December.  I am down a total of 29.2 lbs since I started in September.  I am very proud that during one of the hardest months of the year I still lost 5.8 lbs.

I have always heard that the average American gains 5+ pounds during the Holiday season, but I found an actual scientific study that states it is really only 1 pound that is gained on average, but about 10% of the group they studied did gain 5 pounds or more. You can read the whole article for yourself here.  This still makes me glad that I lost weight!

Today Olivia woke up bright and early at 4 am and didn’t go back to sleep.  One tired mommy here trying to keep my eyes open til midnight (it’s 11:45).

I started the morning off with a protein smoothie and then we went over to the daycare for a visit.  Olivia was very anti-social today and wanted nothing to do with being there.  I hope she warms up over time and I’m thinking she will do better when I am not in the room.  While there we got invited by some friends to go to the indoor splash pad at the rec center this afternoon.  So we left the daycare dropped off food for a new mom and headed to the rec center.  I grabbed McDonald’s spicy McChicken for lunch (boo it made me feel crummy)

20141231_115340This little girl chose to catch a nap instead of eating her lunch while running from here and there.

This afternoon we got home and I cleaned house and finally broke down and got out my sewing machine.  I had to figure out how to hem jeans with the original hem because I was not going to pay $12 a pair considering my goal is they only fit for a month or so and then I will need more new ones.


I figured it out!!! I was so excited that they looked good.  I hemed 5 pairs of jeans and a pair of pants and finished sewing Olivia’s special Minnie Mouse blanket.  She picked the fabric for her blanket for daycare. Now if only my mom lived near by with her embroidery machine so I didn’t have to embroider her name on it by hand. (I hate using permanent markers on fabric).

For dinner we stuck with our plan:


I was a very lucky lady.  A nice 8 oz sirloin grilled medium well and a nice shrimp skewer with a twice baked potato and roasted broccoli.

Calories – I didn’t keep count today and I don’t plan to tomorrow.

Steps 10003

Water 60+ oz

Here is how I feel about my goals from December:

Track Calories in My fitness pal – I did this for the most part being a month of social gatherings and holidays I tracked most days in fitness pal and if I didn’t I still photo logged my food.

Use fitness pal to track macro-nutrients: fat, carb, and protein.  My goals for this were set by my fitness pal; this is a mediocre thing.  Some days were great others not so great, but at least I have a better idea of what is in the food I am eating.

I also had the goal to eat protein at every meal and eat every 3 hours.  I did pretty good getting the protein at every meal, and some days were great eating every 3 hours other days not so great.

Track Steps try to reach a goal of 215,000.  I met and exceeded that goal with a total of 299745. Which isn’t to far off from the ideal goal of 10,000 steps a day or for the month of December 310,000.

I also wanted to do 3 weight trainings and 2 cardios a week.  I failed at this, in my opinion. I had 6 weight training sessions, 7 combo training sessions (Zumba Tone), and 7 cardio sessions. Okay so now that I typed all this out I am not as disappointed in myself. I completed 20 workouts this month… personally that is amazing!  I just didn’t do any intense weights in the last couple weeks.

I had also added back onto the list track water intake because I felt like I was letting that slide.  I got back on track with this by making myself consciously aware of it.

Now it is finally midnight (actually 12:20) and these Utahan’s have been setting off fireworks since 9 waking up Olivia every 20 – 30 minutes or so.  ENOUGH ALREADY please stop so we can get a good night’s rest!!!

Tomorrow I am planning on left over steak and eggs for breakfast, pan seared chicken parmesan for lunch, and a roast for dinner.

I will post my goals for January on tomorrow night’s blog because I am tired and I am still tweaking them a bit.

Thank you for following me in 2014 and I can’t wait to see what 2015 holds! Happy New Years!


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