Day 120! December 30th


Okay so I was a bit disappointed when I got on the scale this morning and it said 203.  UGH!  I don’t think I am going to hit the under 200 mark by tomorrow.  I didn’t let this get me down to much I started the day off with a ham, onion, and egg scramble.


Then I took Katie and Olivia over to Jungle Jim’s.


They had such a blast!  I forgot to bring my protein shake so I had a slice of pizza, just one and it wasn’t to big.


Then we came home a relaxed and while they ate popcorn I ate jerky, cheese, and apple slices.


This evening I went to Zumba Tone and burned 397 calories! When we got home we had a big box full of presents from my mom and dad.

Olivia loved her hair care kit complete with a cool curling iron:


My favorite gift are the Doc McStuffins headphones:


I don’t have to listen to her shows over and over again anymore!  She also got a walk and talk puppy that we have to grab batteries for tomorrow.

I tried something new tonight per Tim’s suggestions…twice baked spaghetti made with spaghetti squash instead of noodles.


It was very yummy; we will make it again!

My mom also sent these in our Christmas Box.


It isn’t very nice to send your daughter who is trying to lose weight two of her favorite fattening snacks. Caramel popcorn and Pirouline’s  I had one of the Pirouline’s and 1 piece of caramel popcorn that’s it. I am making Tim take the rest to work tomorrow.

So the count for today

Total Calories 1057 – Zumba 397 = 660 net calories

Fat 40g

Carb 117g

Protein 63g (not nearly enough)

Steps 10941

Water 80+ oz

Wednesday, December 31
Breakfast protein shake
Am Snack almonds
Lunch chicken w/ marinara sauce
Pm Snack cheese and jerky
Dinner Steak and Shrimp w/ twice baked potato and broccoli
Late Snack Greek Yogurt

Tim and I for the last 7 years (maybe more) have always spent new years eve with friends.  Even since Olivia we have always gotten together this year I am sad not to be able to get together with them.  But Tim and I decided to start our own little tradition instead of eating party food and drinking party drinks which has been typical in the past; we are going to put Olivia to bed and he is going to grill steak and shrimp for us.


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