Day 119, December 29th



Still not feeling tip top this morning especially a night with just a four hours of very interrupted sleep.  I made a simple protein shake, nothing fancy just almond milk, protein powder, and half a banana.

I then went over to the day care I will be working at next week and met Olivia’s teachers and let her get use to the classroom with me there.

I came home and grabbed some almonds for a snack.


Olivia’s friend Katie came over and we went to Hobby Lobby to let Olivia pick out special fabric for her blanket for nap time at daycare, its a minnie mouse blanket.  Then we went to Target and I let her pick a crib sheet out for her cot and got Tim a new water bottle since he lost his at the airport. I then took both girls over to Chick-Fil-A to play while the snow continued to fall.  (I am over the snow by the way! It sucks to have to clean off your car every time you have to stop to go in somewhere.)


I had the grilled market salad and a small bowl of chicken tortilla soup (with no tortilla strips).

After lunch we came home and bundled up.


and then we went sledding!


Katie was the pro as I nor Olivia had ever done it before. Let me tell you it was quite the workout helping both girls and the sled up the drainage ditch.  We had a lot of fun though!

This afternoon I was trying to convince myself to go to the gym and Marie reminded me the biggest battle is getting there, you never regret it once you do.  So I ate a protein bar tonight and headed to the gym. I got there a little early so I walked a mile and burned 100 calories then I went to Zumba and burned another 390!

I came home and made this amazing taco salad for dinner:

20141229_211311It was a little higher in calories due  next time I will cut out the sour cream and cheese.  It was delicious.  I made my own lime vinaigrette dressing:

1 tbsp olive oil

1/2 tsp white wine vinegar

Juice of one lime (use fresh about a tablespoon and half give or take)

2 turns of the salt and pepper mill

Here is how the day stacks up

Total Calories 1884 – 490 workout = 1394

Fat 92g / 44% (quite high)

Carb 130g / 27%

Protein 138g / 29%

Steps 16989

Water 80+

Here is my game plan for tomorrow:

Tuesday, December 30
Breakfast ham and eggs
Am Snack protein shake
Lunch Chef Salad
Pm Snack cheese and jerky
Dinner Spaghetti Squash
Late Snack Greek Yogurt

We are going to Jungle Jim’s tomorrow so I may have a slice of pizza or maybe not.  I am also going to do Zumba Tone at 5:30 tomorrow night.


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