Day 116, December 26th


I did not get enough sleep last night.  It was hard to get out of bed and get moving this morning.  I started off with a protein bar since it was to close to Zumba and the smoothies make my stomach hurt when I do Zumba immediately after finishing.


I laughed at myself this morning saying old me would just stay home because of all the snow on my car.


It was a workout in itself un-burying my car from 6 to 8 inches of snow.  Then I was off to Zumba Tone.  I used the heavier weights for the first half the class today!  I burned 355 calories and signed up to do tomorrow’s class too. I had an oatmeal protein smoothie on the way to Walmart afterwards.

I treated myself today

20141226_125504new panties.  My old ones are about 3 years old and they are to big now.

I came home and made a ham and swiss flat bread sandwich for lunch.



For dinner I had started 15 bean soup but it wasn’t finished after cooking all day 😦 The beans were still hard so Tim said lets order chinese, ugh okay.  Let’s see what I can order that is semi healthy.  Kung Pao Chicken it is usually lower in calories.

It was gross thank goodness Tim order lettuce wraps so I could have those.


I ate half of them and one vegetable spring roll.  Overall I think that was a good choice.

Total Calories 1817 – Zumba Tone 355 = 1462 net calories

Fat 57g

Carb 197g

Protein 136g

Steps 10792

Water 100+ oz

Here is my game plan for tomorrow:

Saturday, December 27
Breakfast ham and eggs
Am Snack protein bar
Lunch ham and swiss flatbread
Pm Snack grapes, cheese, jerky
Dinner 15 Bean Soup
Late Snack Greek Yogurt

I am planning on going to Zumba and I have to go get groceries for the week.


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