I saw this earlier this week and it made me laugh out loud.  I never expect to be Barbie, but slowly I am starting to not feel like a cabbage patch doll either.

We were up early to open presents like 6 am early.  Her first gift her Minnie Mouse hat (which was still on my night stand) :/


After presents we skyped with his mom and his sister’s family while Tim made this yummy (not so healthy breakfast).


Sausage, fried potatoes, scrambled eggs, and a biscuit.

We then bundled up and headed out to play in the snow; Olivia wanted to build Frosty (nobody warned me!!!)


I realized today that I don’t have a hat so I borrowed Olivia’s batman hat. Tim got to really appreciate the one made for him last year by our dear friend Maddy.

Noone told me that it is damn near impossible to build a snowman in Utah.  Tim wasn’t much help as I learned that he has never built a snowman!   Here the snow is dry, light, and fluffy unlike the snow we got in Arkansas that was usually very wet.


With a little help we were able to pack some down into a base; she was so happy.  In Arkansas we would always start with a little ball like the one she has got and roll it on the ground and it would slowly get bigger.  NOT HERE!  So here is our pathetic snowman.


Olivia informed me that frosty is bigger. We ran into the lady that lives beneath us and asked her (since she has lived in Utah awhile) She told me the trick is to wait until the snow starts to melt, so maybe tomorrow afternoon.  Anyone else have a tip or trick so I can help Olivia build Frosty.

Playing in the snow worked up an appetite and junk food really wasn’t going to cut it for me so I used the cheese dip and made some chicken spaghetti.


I also tasted the ham that Tim’s work gave us, AMAZING.  I ended up snacking on ham slices most of the afternoon.  Not the most healthy option, but far better than sweets.

For an official afternoon snack I made this plate, so that everything was measured out:


The pimento cheese was gross so I didn’t eat it. The cream cheese with raspberry habanero jelly is one of my favorites.

While Olivia napped Tim and I finalized our budget for January and looked at some houses. That is always a dangerous thing to do.  A lot of what is for sale in our price range is short sales and we have been told that they can take about 6 months to get to closing so we have started looking to see what we like. Originally we were going to try to move into a rental house after the apartment, but Tim does not want to have to move twice (its expensive)  so we may be buying a house in 2015.

For dinner we had ham, fresh steamed green beans, sweet potato and a roll.


Olivia use to love green beans as a baby, but she hasn’t eaten them often as a solid.  Tonight she helped Tim cut of the ends and got to use a spray butter on them and ate 3 helpings.  We will try it again to see if this was just a fluke or will she actually eat them again.

For dessert Tim and Olivia had a piece of Jesus’s birthday cake. I had a caramel that Tim brought home from work.


We remember that Jesus is the reason for the season.  The bible tells us in  Matthew 5:16 “let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”

When we are done with Christmas we are done:


If you knew me three years ago when I was pregnant with Olivia, my husband fell through our ceiling on Christmas Day because I wanted to work on getting her nursery set up and a cable needed to be moved.  *Please take note of her birthday 5-11, yea I was crazy.

I had planned to take it all down tomorrow, but Tim made a good point that today I had his help to keep Olivia out of the way and tomorrow I would be on my own.  So it is all boxed up and he graciously took it back to the storage unit.

Calories who counts on Christmas (yes they still count, the scale proves it, but I didn’t track; my guess is somewhere between 2000 and 3000)

Steps 9656

Water 100+oz (and I still feel thirsty; I think it is from the salt; I have had a lot more today than normal; in the sausage, in the ham, in chicken spaghetti)

Tomorrow’s I am back on track; so here is the game plan:

Friday December 26
Breakfast protien shake
Am Snack protien bar
Lunch Ham and cheese flatbread
Pm Snack veggie sticks and hummus; protein shake
Dinner 15 Bean Soup
Late Snack greek yogurt

I will be taking a Zumba Tone class in the morning at 9:30 provided I feel comfortable getting out on the roads.

Overall I am happy with the decisions I made today.  It allowed me to feel like I got to celebrate Christmas food wise and I think that because I had a plan I ate less than I normally would have else where.  Lastly, Merry Christmas!


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