Day 114, December 24th


I will keep this short and sweet b/c I am ready for bed.  I have a feeling there will be a two and half year old up very early ready to open her presents.

I did not eat anything before Zumba at 8:30 this morning.  Olivia was up early with her first night time accident in awhile.  And it didn’t take her long to find Twinkle’s farewell gift for her:


It had all kinds of goodies inside, chapstick, fingernail polish, new PJ’s, a velvet coloring page, and a bible based coloring book.

The benefit of being up so early is we got to see Tim dressed all spiffy for their company Christmas lunch.


I cannot believe how much we have gone through in the last 10 years together.  It is truly amazing how much he does to support me and Olivia!

He left and we got ready for Zumba.  one hour and 333 calories later I was on the road running a few errands while eating a protein bar.

Olivia and I came home and got straight to baking. We made a birthday cake for Jesus:


* I was trying to take photos and as you can see she missed the bowl completely with the butter!

We also made Santa some of his favorite cookies:


For lunch I had a half serving of Taco Soup:


And for an afternoon snack I sampled one of the delicious cookies above.

For dinner we made fish Tacos.  This was a new recipe and Tim and I both loved them.  It was quite a shock because I am not a huge fan of fish and he really doesn’t like avocado.  You can find the recipe here.


I had 3 of them and a little extra slaw on the side.

After dinner we watched a Mickey Mouse Christmas show off of Netflix and then Olivia got into her new jammies and ready for bed:


She is getting so big.  I am so excited for tomorrow.  The first Christmas in awhile where I am actually excited for Christmas morning.  I cannot wait to watch her marvel at the gifts as she opens them and enjoy spending time with her while she plays with them!


Psst: I finished her hat just in time for Christmas tomorrow. We are expecting frigid temperatures next week so hopefully it will help.  When I say frigid we have a lot of single digit lows and one day in the negative.

I am not adding calories or tracking today or tomorrow. Just photo documenting what I eat so that I am aware of what is going in my mouth.

Steps: 12132

Water 70+

Tomorrow my game plan is

eggs, sausage and a biscuit for breakfast.

lunch we usually do snack items here is what is on that menu

cheese dip and chips (per Tim’s request)

veggies with hummus (a healthy option)

raspberry chipotle cream cheese and crackers (per my request)

* I also have some pimento cheese (another favorite of mine)

dinner  we changed it up this year since we are having junk for lunch I wanted to try to make it a little healthier so we are having:

ham (Tim’s work gave us a huge honey baked ham)

fresh steamed green beans

and roasted sweet potatoes.


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