Two Steps Forward, One Step Back! Day 113, December 23rd


I MADE IT THROUGH 2 HOURS OF ZUMBA!!! I burned about 900 calories based on my calculations because my heart rate monitor only picked up a portion of the class for some reason.

I started off the morning with a protein shake:


And followed up my class with a protein bar.


The instructor Julie brought bagels and cream cheese for everyone to have afterwards.  I let Olivia eat mine and made the comment to Julie that I was trying to get under 200 by the end of the year.  She said in a shocked voice, “There is no way you weigh 200.”  It made me smile.  I told her that when I started attending her class 4 months ago I was 30 pounds heavier again she was shocked and told me to keep up the good work!

For lunch I warmed up the left over fajita meat.


I was lazy and didn’t make it into a salad.  So pretty much nothing but protein here.  I spent most of the rest of the day working on crocheting Olivia a minnie mouse hat that she requested for Christmas.  I almost have it done!

Tim called on his way home and told me he wanted to switch our nights around and go do our Christmas Eve stuff tonight and have fish tacos tomorrow.  So we took Olivia to Chick fil a and then went out to look at Christmas lights. Here is the one step back:


Yes those are regular nuggets and fries something I haven’t had in quite awhile.  I opted for the kids meal 6 count size and added the chicken tortilla soup. Here is how the meal stacked up:

  • 770Calories
  • 32gFat
  • 7gSaturated Fat
  • 0gTrans Fat
  • 100mgCholesterol
  • 1890mgSodium
  • 73gCarbohydrates
  • 19gFiber
  • 4gSugar
  • 46gProtein

Not the best choice but hey I burned off more than this meal doing Zumba…

Here are the stats on the whole day:

1531 Calories – 900 2 hour zumba = 631 net calories

Fat 52g / 30%

Carb 134g / 35%

Protein 133g / 35%

Steps 19242 I have surpassed my goal of 215,00 steps!

Water 80+ oz

Here is my game plan for tomorrow:

Wednesday December 24
Breakfast protien shake
Am Snack protien bar
Lunch flatbread pizza
Pm Snack beef jerky, cheese stick, & pear
Dinner fish tacos
Late Snack Greek Yogurt

* I also am schedule to do a one hour Zumba class at 8:30 in the morning tomorrow!


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